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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Anyone with a 4.3 - LV3 1500 running the 6112s? They don't show on the Bilstein part look up and when I emailed Bilstein this what I received: I can't imagine the difference between the LV3 and L83 is more than 100 pounds. Are there other differences between the V6 and V8 trucks that might create an additional weight disparity?
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    Will there be a rear 6112 option or would it be over kill?
  3. HD Reverse Cam Options?

    Intrigued to see the results with that camera.
  4. Mine quoted $475 and said it would be an additional $200+ if it needed the latch. I can buy the kit for $200, with the latch, need to call around and see if they'll agree to program without the install.
  5. 2014 W/T to LT conversion

    What does that get you, the same functionality just with a larger screen? The features are driven off the radio and hmi, correct? MVI offers an upgrade package with the 7", but it goes for $1,200+.
  6. I'm sure this is out of scope for this thread, but i recently purchased a 2014 WT and would ove to have a AA/Carplay HU without spending 2k+. Any hope for those trucks starting out with IO3 or is aftermarket with something like the iDatalink by Maestro the best bet?

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