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  1. That's slick. Very creative. I'm curious on how the screen will hold up sitting in a vehicle forever. Are there any issues with removing the original screen? Did you just unplug the original and leave the connections behind the tablet? The only thing you would lose would be the radio i guess.
  2. How did this turn out? It looks like it could add a lot of functionality to the infotainment center.
  3. I have a CNC router that could cut the plexi. If you get enough interest, let me know. I could be your CNC guy. This is a very cool project. It looks awesome. If I knew more about wiring, i'd be inclined to give it a try. I'm worried i'd screw something up on the electrical side.
  4. I tried that and it still only brings up the audio screen on the instrument cluster. I don't think it is possible but i figured I would ask the gurus here before completely abandoning the idea.
  5. I didn't metion in my first post, i've already done the CarPlay/AA radio upgrade. What i'm wanting is CarPlay/AA maps to show up in the instrument cluster like the factory nav does. Is that possible?
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible to display the Carplay/AA maps on the dash screen? I have factory nav but don't ever use it because I have google maps. I've done the Denali cluster upgrade as well as the HUD upgrade if that makes a difference. It's a 2014 Sierra SLT.
  7. A lot of good stuff here guys. I've already done the denali cluster swap on my '14 Sierra and had the HUD enabled at the time. Yesterday I got a good size rock chip and now the windshield needs to be replaced. Does anyone have the actual part number of the Yukon HUD windshield needed? My truck has the lane assist so all the mounts behind the rear view mirror. I was reading the correct Yukon windshield only comes in 1 flavor but the generic picture on GM parts shows that windshield not to have the lane assist. Is the correct HUD windshield that will fit in my '14 with lane assist P/N 84352103?
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