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  1. A lot of good stuff here guys. I've already done the denali cluster swap on my '14 Sierra and had the HUD enabled at the time. Yesterday I got a good size rock chip and now the windshield needs to be replaced. Does anyone have the actual part number of the Yukon HUD windshield needed? My truck has the lane assist so all the mounts behind the rear view mirror. I was reading the correct Yukon windshield only comes in 1 flavor but the generic picture on GM parts shows that windshield not to have the lane assist. Is the correct HUD windshield that will fit in my '14 with lane assist P/N 84352103? Also, will all Denali clusters work or does it have to be a Denali cluster from a Yukon? Is there a plug I can check on my cluster to make sure I have the right one? Thanks
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