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  1. This, I swapped over to the brass gears a couple of years ago on my 2014 drivers side due to the plastic on being cracked and it's been working fine since. Went ahead and ordered a spare set for the passenger side as there was a deal for buying both sides. The hardest part about getting the mirror off was pulling the plastic cap on the backside. I also only fold in the mirrors now when in a tight parking spot whereas I used to do it almost everyday multiple times.
  2. Very cool and it seems straight forward. Is there any reason you can't remove the vacuum pump belt and just leave the pump on? As long as the pump isn't turning, it wont grenade itself, right?
  3. 2014 Sierra Crew Cab z71 SLT 5.3L. 211,000 miles as of 6/6/22 (Purchased in Dec 2014 with 26K) Mods: *CarPlay/AA *Denali dash cluster *HUD *remote tailgate lock *158 degree trans thermostat installed within the last couple of months *Fox suspension all around *Cylinder deactivation delete with OBD2 plug in tuner around 200k miles *K&N washable cabin filter *LED hedlights. Failures to date: * All front seat heaters went out and have been replaced * Broken exhaust manifold bolts around 94K, covered under powertrain warranty * Condenser around 110K, I paid half and GM covered the rest. * Factory battery blew a cell early on, replaced with AGM battery * Some grounding issues early on that I took care of. * Thermostat swapped out due to occasional high fan issue Maintenance: *Oil changes at around the 5% life mark with Mobil 1 oil and filter. *Trans flushed every 80k and dropped the pan and filter change at 200k. (I'm dumb and never realized there was a trans filter to change. Now I do) *Rear end fluid at 200k *Plugs at 100k then plugs again and wires at 200k *Brake pads at 100k *A couple of batteries and many filters I am very happy with and love my truck. I think I got luck after hearing some of you guys stories on here. It's been a fairly maintenance free truck.
  4. I put these on my truck a couple of years ago. The ones I received leveled the truck as they were setup out of the box. I have not tried to adjust them so I can't comment on that.
  5. I've got a '14 with the 5.3 and am about to roll over 210k miles. It had some of the common issues such as bad grounding near the dash causing steering issues at low speed, a bad weld on the condenser that had to be replaced, and both heated seats going out which isn't too hard of a fix. Other than that, mine has been bulletproof. I'd look for service records but would probably count on changing the transmission fluid and filter as well as the rear end fluid. Coming up on time to do a coolant flush. The best mod I've done is add Apple Carplay/Android auto. There is one very good thread on this forum for sourcing parts one ebay. I made the upgrade a few years ago and it cost $300-400, maybe cheaper now with more parts being available.
  6. The new style lines with a TBV are $80 from amazon. I swapped to the new lines last weekend on my '14. But the lines I received still had the 190° thermostat... Maybe newer inventory will start including the lower temp thermostat. You can also buy the new version TBV with the lower temp thermostat and just swap the "pill" on your old TBV without swapping lines. I ran like that for a few months without issue.
  7. You need to get your trucks VIN programmed to the new cluster which can be done by White Automotive & Media Service. Other than that, It's plug and play if I remember correctly. There are a couple of forums that dig into the details and tell you exactly which part number dash you need.
  8. I had issues with the fans staying on full speed intermittently after changing headlights. People seem to think unplugging the mass airflow sensor can cause this fan issue and I needed to remove the airbox for the headlight change. What finally fixed the full speed fan issue was changing the thermostat. Its been approximately 3 months since changing the t'stat and have not had the fans kick on high speed again.
  9. That's slick. Very creative. I'm curious on how the screen will hold up sitting in a vehicle forever. Are there any issues with removing the original screen? Did you just unplug the original and leave the connections behind the tablet? The only thing you would lose would be the radio i guess.
  10. How did this turn out? It looks like it could add a lot of functionality to the infotainment center.
  11. I have a CNC router that could cut the plexi. If you get enough interest, let me know. I could be your CNC guy. This is a very cool project. It looks awesome. If I knew more about wiring, i'd be inclined to give it a try. I'm worried i'd screw something up on the electrical side.
  12. I tried that and it still only brings up the audio screen on the instrument cluster. I don't think it is possible but i figured I would ask the gurus here before completely abandoning the idea.
  13. I didn't metion in my first post, i've already done the CarPlay/AA radio upgrade. What i'm wanting is CarPlay/AA maps to show up in the instrument cluster like the factory nav does. Is that possible?
  14. Does anyone know if it is possible to display the Carplay/AA maps on the dash screen? I have factory nav but don't ever use it because I have google maps. I've done the Denali cluster upgrade as well as the HUD upgrade if that makes a difference. It's a 2014 Sierra SLT.
  15. A lot of good stuff here guys. I've already done the denali cluster swap on my '14 Sierra and had the HUD enabled at the time. Yesterday I got a good size rock chip and now the windshield needs to be replaced. Does anyone have the actual part number of the Yukon HUD windshield needed? My truck has the lane assist so all the mounts behind the rear view mirror. I was reading the correct Yukon windshield only comes in 1 flavor but the generic picture on GM parts shows that windshield not to have the lane assist. Is the correct HUD windshield that will fit in my '14 with lane assist P/N 84352103? Also, will all Denali clusters work or does it have to be a Denali cluster from a Yukon? Is there a plug I can check on my cluster to make sure I have the right one? Thanks
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