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  1. A little late getting to this, but I finished my console swap two weeks ago. pgamboa can add another check mark to his success stories here. The ordering process was quick and painless (except for the hit to my wallet ), but this was definitely worth every penny and much easier than sourcing everything yourself. All the parts arrived ahead of pgamboa's estimated time of arrival, his harness is very impressive and well constructed. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me it was an OEM part without knowing anything about it. The console itself came packaged very securely with tons of packing material and a sturdy box, no damage or defects at all. It took a buddy and I about 2 hours to get it installed. All USB ports, the 110v Outlet, 12v outlets, and wireless charger are working, the only thing that doesn't seem to be working is the AUX port inside the console. But, my phone does not have a headphone jack so I'm not sure it would be used anyway. I was also able to retain glove box USB functionality as well. Before: Shipping Box: Console and Bracket: Finished:
  2. I am more of a fan of the short box, but that is a personal preference thing. Regardless though it is a very nice rig man, I dig that color!
  3. Sounds great, I will get with you soon to order your harness once you hear something.
  4. @pgamboa, any updates on when that shop you're working with will be resuming business? I'll be looking to do the center console swap in the next month or two.
  5. Commenting here for future reference. pgamboa, I emailed you last night about the console swap, I'll keep my eyes open here to see when your shop resumes operation.
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