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  1. What are the pros and cons of each. Looking at kooks mainly for quality and fit/finish. Have an 2018 mainly stock besides tune currently.
  2. Other than one being a late case and other being a small case I think they are the same
  3. I have a 150a (84143544) alternator I believe on my 17 6.2. I’m wanting to upgrade to the 17 Silverado 2500 snow prep 220a (84143539) one. My dealer can’t help me as there picture don’t show any different. Yes I can get an aftermarket one for 130 more than I can buy an oem one but don’t need that large of one. Let me know your findings
  4. Thanks I got the tray, bolt, and holder on order along with another battery.
  5. Is this the correct tray to add a second battery then? it doesn’t look to be but the the part number for my 17 doesn’t match what was on here
  6. Bringing up old thread. I am looking to do this upgrade and I’m also have another question maybe someone can answer. I have a 170 amp alt and was wondering if the 84143539 220 amp would be a replacement for it? I have a 17 with the 6.2. My dealer ship wasn’t much help when asking
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