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  1. I still think the painted piece above the bumper will have to be changed too, so i can agree with you there. I think it might be a complicated grille swap but to me its $1k total vs a probably $10k to get the high country. I think it should be doable. but i still hope before production they change that ugly cheese grater on the LT.
  2. From what i have seen on the two pictures shown. the only differences i can actually tell is the grille itself and the front fascia that is painted on the high country that sits just above the bumper. still a much much cheaper route. It looks like the painted section of the bumper on a SLT 1500 from 16-18. Instead of the slightly larger LT grille. GM typically doesn't differentiate the way something is going to hook on or attach because it relies on too many different parts. I know we are talking a new generation but from k-2 experience (Sierra's SLE to Denali; not sure about Silverado but i would assume the same since i see people switch high country grilles on their ltz trucks and vice versa) , all grilles mounted the same regardless of trim. That would require each line to be made at a specific plant otherwise you would lose too much in quality control or lack of production. The bumpers, lights and hood all look exactly the same. Whether or not the lights are all LED or HID etc is true the shape typically still doesn't change from a design/shape standpoint. Same thing with the hood. They are not making more than two hoods for the trucks. One for the Diesel and one for the Gasser. Not trying to start an argument but I just can't buy into 5 lines with 5 completely different front ends especially if you start changing the mounting for each. Production for them would cost way too much.
  3. Or still buy the LT and buy a replacement grille. Way cheaper option. There will be many aftermarket grilles available at the debut release or shortly there after. Hell you can probably buy oem for $500 to buy the high country and save a ton still.
  4. Just showing my ride

    What bull bar is this? Do you have the front parking assist and does it mess with it? Great looking truck, might be adding a few mods to mine that might be stealing from you.
  5. Silverado HD revealed

    I have always wanted a grille that looked like a cheese grater. It's the only thing missing on my truck! That grille is hideous, the rest of the truck is actually super appealing though. Mirrors will take some time getting use to. My question is why did they move them to the body if they didn't make the window larger? Am I missing something on this?
  6. I like the lights, if i found a different grille i liked i would do it! I'd love to see the setup once done.
  7. I'm excited to see how it looks! I think I will be ordering mine sometime this week. The lights I really only planned to use at night so my plan was to wire them with the headlights, unless the lights are bright enough for the daytime. I do like the idea of having it painted gloss black instead though. Mods never come quick enough for me though I am too indecisive.
  8. I have been eyeing this for a while. Have you hooked up the lights? How are they at night if you did? Also last question this the matte black version right? not grey? thank you
  9. LED Light Bar Alternative

    Here's one I came across on another forum. Thought some people may want to check this out. I haven't gotten around to doing this myself but this seems to be an option until a company makes a low profile design. I posted this in another spot on this forum but i figured a couple repeat posts can't hurt. https://www.silveradosierra.com/exterioir/trs-36-led-light-bar-installed-on-2017-t629282.html
  10. Light bar

    Here's one I came across on another forum. Thought some people may want to check this out. I haven't gotten around to doing this myself but this seems to be an option until a company makes a low profile design. https://www.silveradosierra.com/exterioir/trs-36-led-light-bar-installed-on-2017-t629282.html
  11. Sorry for adding another post on this and please don't kill me, however I was hoping for some feedback from people who either have or know if there is any issues with the following. I am looking to do a BDS 6" suspension lift. I was told that I could not use the factory 20" "snowflake" wheels with 35x12.5x20 tires as it would cause tie rod interference. The installer refuses to put spacers on the front to "allow" this to work. (I am not saying i would like to use spacers, it was just strictly explained they will not do it). The back they would allow a spacer to try and keep track width as close to the same as possible. For those who used the BDS lift. Would a +18 offset on a 20x9 inch wheel suffice without the issue of trimming, cutting, etc. I have looked through many of the current topics but i have not seen a +18 offset on a 20x9 setup but that was what was recommended by the shop. I was planning on running Cooper SST or AT3 all-terrain tires with the set up. Offset is something that is new to me for sure and this is my first lift. I am not concerned too much with the tires having an aggressive stance or sticking out as long as its ideally less that 1.5". Thanks guys
  12. The Gap feature, if not used for adaptive cruise is used for the Green Vehicle you see in the DIC when you have a vehicle in front of you. The Gap based on your setting would automatically calculate the distance you should be based on speed. If you are following "too closely" the green vehicle will turn amber in color. I believe you will have 3 settings from close, medium and far. (I do not remember if they use different terms.) This does adjust based on your speed. If you are going 35 mph the gap does not have to be as large as when you are traveling 75 mph even on the same setting. This is all based on my knowledge from my 2014 Impala LTZ current truck doesn't have the fancy features. I am also going based on the assumption that did not change since. So i still could be wrong.

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