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    2019 Silverado LTZ 6.2L
  1. 1866lb crew cab 6.2 ltz w/ Max Tow
  2. I'm around 10-11mpg mix of city/hwy towing around 3500-4000lb's consistently. The new trailering app is great and tracks your towing mileage specific to the trailer profile you setup. I'm currently averaging 10.3mpg.
  3. I have a 2019 6.2 with max tow... has been great so far. I came from a 2016 6.2 with max tow as well. The 10sp is light years ahead of the 8sp.
  4. 2019 6.2L MPG

    I agree completely. I am 5,000mi in on my 6.2L LTZ and best I've seen is an average around 16 - 16.5 avg mpg. I would say normal driving habits, no lead foot. My '16 6.2L was around 18mpg or so. Both vehicles equipped with max tow pkg, identical drivetrains. The only difference currently is my '19 does not have a tonneau cover installed yet.. that will be next week. Not sure if that will do it or not, but for now, I feel my '16 got better gas mileage.
  5. Have any of you installed either of these Tonneau Cover's? I'm more of a fan of the retractable styles... it's also easier for me to deal with getting one through the dealer with my company as opposed to doing it aftermarket. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/short-bed-embark-max-aluminum-retractable-in-black-by-advantage®---associated-accessories-19416971?categoryId=12001 https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/short-bed-embark-poly-retractable-in-black-by-advantage®---associated-accessories-19416969?categoryId=12001
  6. Fuel filling issues

    Have put 2200mi on mine so far and have not had that happen once
  7. High Country LED Cluster Goes Blank

    Happened today on my 6.2 LTZ. Went out for maybe 3-5 seconds, but came right back on. I was switching bluetooth devices, and radio simultaneously so thought it just got confused and reset itself. I have about 1200mi on it so far, so will try to see if it does it again in the near future
  8. T1 6.2 letdown?

    I agree with this. Just got into '19 from a '16. Both have the 6.2L with 3.42 gears (max tow pkg). Overall they accelerate the same but think it may not be as noticeable in the '19 simply because the 10spd is that much smoother than the 8spd.

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