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  1. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Im thinking of going with the RL 2.5 up front and the Motofab 2in block in the rear. The RL comes with new UCA's. Im planning on putting a 1.25" spacer on the stock AT wheels and then adding 33x12.50 tires. Will I need a dif drop with a 2.5 in lift? Also Ive read about 75 pages from this thread and there seems to be no clear answer...do I need new UCA's with a 2.5 upfront? From what ive read some people say yes and you shouldnt do it without it and others say its not necessary.
  2. LFix's 2017 GMC Sierra 4x4

    Thats great info guys, thank you!
  3. LFix's 2017 GMC Sierra 4x4

    Love the truck man, especially that color! Before you upgraded to the Fab 4" lift what 2" level did you go with and how was the ride quality? Im looking to level out my 1500 but dont want to hurt the ride quality.

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