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  1. Topper Questions

    I just bought an A.R.E Toolmaster top. It's color matched, toolboxes on both sides, ladder rack, LED interior lights, T-handles keyed to the truck and it has keyless entry ($480 option). Mine was right @ $4000 and it took almost six weeks to get it. It's a nice piece. Wasn't thrilled with the price but if you want nice things, you gotta pay. If you're not looking for tool boxes, I'd seriously look at the A.R.E. "Z" series. It's a good-looking top. Leer is another good top company. As far as resale, a lot of top shops will offer a deal to sell it for you on consignment. Figure around half your money back if you keep it nice.
  2. Mine's loaded down pretty good with tools and a fiberglass top. I needed to bring mine back up an inch or an inch and a half to get to level. 30 lbs puts it exactly where I like it, about a half inch high in the back. If I have to inflate these things every other day, I'm definitely getting an on board compressor.
  3. You guys ever have an issue with the airbags leaking? I just installed mine today, kind of challenge, I'll post pics later but was wondering if these things have issues with slow leaks.
  4. WTT My Chrome window trim for your Black

    Let me know if you want to get rid of that grill. Ive got a black LT grill and a pocket full of cash for you.
  5. Turned out good, thanks again!
  6. Looking for a 2018 chrome High Country or LTZ grill. I have a perfect black LT grill if anybody needs one of those... Thanks in advance Tom
  7. Tool Box

    Thanks, I really love the Decked and the ARE top. It's keyed to the truck and locks and unlocks with the key fob.
  8. Tool Box

    This is the Decked truck drawers and an ARE Toolmaster top. [emoji106]
  9. Exactly, sometimes less is more....
  10. I like the license plate bolt idea, that's slick. I don't want to mess with an onboard compressor. The only time I'll need to add air is when I tow the trailer and I have a Milwaukee 12 volt inflator on board at all times.
  11. My Air Lift SlamAir helper bag kit arrived and I'm wondering where you guys and gals mount the inflation valve. I'm going to "T" the lines together and have a single inflation valve. I don't see a situation where I'll need to load level from left to right. Thanks in advance Tom
  12. Any thoughts on these? They're supposed to work on trucks lowered from 2 to 6 in. https://www.etrailer.com/Vehicle-Suspension/Chevrolet/Silverado+1500/2018/AL59209.html?vehicleID=20181113103
  13. Thanks Slow. Any specific brands I should look at or stay away from? Does the axle flip create issues in product selection? I really don't need anything automatic ,I don't even need an air compressor. I've got a compressor in the trailer.
  14. This is my daily driver work truck. It's a 2018 Silverado, 5.3 , 6 speed, rear wheel drive, LT, double cab. It has a 2/4 drop (springs up front and flip kit with shock relocators in the rear) and 20" OEM LTZ wheels. It sat real nice empty with just a touch of rake. After the AEM toolmaster top, the Decked drawers and all my tools its loaded it down to level. I race motorcycles and tow a trailer up and down the east coast. With 400 + pounds of tongue weight, I'm sure I'll be squatting pretty good in the back. What's the best way to go without adversely affecting ride quality. Airbags? Helper leaf? New leaf springs? Weight distribution hitch? not trying to save a buck and I'm not looking to cut any corners, what's the right way to do this? Does anybody know any good truck shops in the Cemtral Florida area? I still have a small vibration in the driveline I'd like to have checked out and have them do the install. Thanks in advance, Tom

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