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    2014 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4wd All Terrain 6.2L
  1. oil cooler line leak at crimp

    My dealer tried to tell me my oil cooler lines were not under powertrain warranty. I politely walked out to my truck got my owner's manual out and showed them where they are listed as covered. Replace them last November. For free
  2. Clean truck guys and congrats more pics needed tho 👍
  3. Yeah that's the one benefits of having a 14 I'm thankful as well. Smh I'm trying my best to keep it in A1 condition truck cost too much not too
  4. 2014 All Terrain With the 6.2 83,600 miles 1.Battery 2. Front Diff pinion seal, Front Pinion washer,Front Pinion Nut & Front Diff Fluid replaced under warranty at 72,333 miles 3. Also new oil Cooler lines at 72,333 miles 4. New oil pan & Oil pan seal at 56,495 All of the above done under warranty try to keep a regular check on things. Still love the truck Transmission does shift weird at times but mostly smooth. I got the truck 2 years ago it had 51k when I got it was a one owner Truck started off in Florida spent most of 2017 in New York with previous owner.
  5. If I was you I would avoid the 2019 trucks sense they are first year models for a new body style. You most likely will run into alot of issues similar to your 2015. Wait it out another year at least so Gm has time to clear up some of the issues with the 2019's. 2020 might would be better.
  6. Turn Signal parking light out

    I will try calling another one and see what they say
  7. Turn Signal parking light out

    Well the dealer told me the front bumper would have to come off to get to it. I dont know about taking all that a loose. I couldnt see how to get to the turn signal bulb. I changed both headlight bulbs with no problem. But I couldn't locate turn signal bulb plug/ wire maybe i missed it or something.
  8. So guys my turn signal light still blinks but the amber color parking lights does not light up at night when the head lights come on. Can anyone tell me how to replace the bulb??? Its a 2014 GMC Sierra. Picture below is before it went out
  9. Another FNG

    Nice truck bro very bright but nice👍
  10. My All Terrain

    Clean truck keep me posted on what kind of LEDs you going with. I plan on doing some mods and upgrades this summer.
  11. 100K!

    Decent reliability its good to see a 2014 to 15 stilling running in good shape and reliable since most people on here put these two model years down. 👍
  12. Okay guys I dont know a whole lot but I'm kind of concerned. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra with the 6.2. I dont tow I do regular driving daily to and from work. Today I'm riding 40 to 45 minute commute to the next town over. Scrolling through the menu options I noticed my Trans Temp was 208.keeping in mind that it's only 72 degrees outside and rainy right now. I'm just wondering is this two high of temp for the trans considering it's not much load going on. Regular serviced truck only 81,500 miles. I'm more use to the temp n.v staying around 199 or less. Can anyone tell me if its something I need to get check or is it normal for these trucks?
  13. Finally Bought a New Truck

    Congrats on the new truck I hope you enjoy every ride in it. Very nice color by the way!
  14. 14 Sierra Service Help

    My coolant normally stays pretty full I just noticed 2 days ago it has dropped a little . Which I will get it topped next week when I get my oil changed the trucks hasn't been to the dealership for service since the last oil change and rotation in September. Yeah I have the Rancho shocks I would have to look around and see what's out there that's better.

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