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  1. Hey everyone hope all is well has anyone found a solution??? im having the same problem as everyone else.
  2. Clean truck hopefully u will enjoy it
  3. You're welcome I also just got off the phone with Gm Navigation again waited over a hour never got the email that they claimed to have sent. So I called back they sent me a text whiel i was on the phone with them with a number to write on the outside of the package. Also they gave me a address in which to return the package to. They said to also get a tracking number sad part is you have to pay to have this shipped for there mistake. Which is crazy so I might ship it back once I get off from work if I have time.
  4. Well I called Gm navigation today on 1-6-2020 and they gave me this number to a Gm Nav Disc line 866-351-7608 they took my order number and vin just this morning. They are going to send me a email with instructions to return the map says it was the wrong one. Told me I need a different part number which is #84524520 for that truck and that the earliest map update that i.could get would be the 2019 map update which was basically updated in August 2018. I told them that's fine I just dont wanna waste a hundred bucks at this point. She said the 2020 map update wont be available for another few months or so but no exact date. So I'm gone keep going until there is a resolution so how.
  5. Exactly that's what I'm thinking its between a bad ground or the negative & positive cables. When the weather clears again I may try to clean one of the grounds. Will have to YouTube it. Lol I wonder how much for the dealer to replace the cables or the ground I'm trying not to go just yet last resor.
  6. The map was sent out from Tennessee but I will see what I can figure out tomorrow. Hopefully things turn around. Some kind of way
  7. Happy New Years to your Family as well bro....I hope things work out. I also just got the 2020 map update in the mail for my truck tonight its vin specific from Gm plug it in truck says Invalid update. If things keep going like this Toyota Tundra is my nex move in the upcoming year I'm getting tired of fighting this thing.
  8. Dealership backed up until end of next week I'm gone let them check it out. See if they can replace both cables if that's the problem. I use to love this truck but last few months have been a pure head ache for me.
  9. Hey guys just got my 2020 USB map up date for my 2014 GMC sierra. I ordered it off The Gm. Website its vin specific of course. I stick it in the USB slot in the truck and it Says Invalid update anyone experience this? Seem like the most simplest things on this truck fights me tooth and damn mails smh. Any suggestions?
  10. Okay I will try that route...I'm gone see if the dealership can squeeze me in Monday morning early. Let them do a diagnostic on it
  11. Happy holidays everyone. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT 4wd All Terrain with the 6.2L 93,900 miles on it. I recently started having problems with the alternator voltage regulator on factory alternator. I replaced it with a Remanufactured alternator from Autozone also changed battery to a brand new one. The first Alternator they gave me started showing signs of being bad after almost a month of having it. I got another reman one and put it on myself & put on new superfine belt last Saturday. Everything was great until the last couple days the truck is randomly dead or wont crank. Just a few mins ago I went out side to start the truck no lights no power when I turned the key. I wanted 20 mins try to use remote start lights flashed starter clicked but not start. The truck randomly had power again after making no lights or sound at all before so I put the key in truck it started right away but radio stations and all where reset. So any advice as to what it could be??? I'm call off work Monday to take it to the dealership hate to but I need to know what's going with this thing. Anyone think I should just put a Acdelco alternator back on it and see will it fix the issues. Really need some guidance guys if anyone can help.
  12. Nice truck bro take care of it and it will take care of you. Congratulations
  13. Nice truck congrats dude.... Dont be shy or afraid to post up a few pics or alot lol. One thing about it every time u park it you will look back sweet ride!
  14. Welcome to the club brother & Enjoy your new ride. Like anything else you take care of it & it will take care of you.
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