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  1. What’s the best jump starter pack? Something like the noco genius packs
  2. So your tires aren't actualy 275/55/20? I never saw an XL option for the 275/60/20 You don't consider bilsteins at their highest setting a level?? I'm leery of the bilsteins or any level as i don't want to affect the geometry of the front suspension. I'm more in favor of keeping the parts from wearing sooner as well as avoiding any negative ride affects. also my truck is an 18, I'm not sure i can level the truck and still fit 275/60/20
  3. You are just the person I’ve been looking for!! So with those being xl I assume you have the 275/55/20. Does your truck have a level? If not could I see a couple more pictures of your truck detailing how those tires look without a level? I really want the 275/60/20 but I don’t want to level my truck. So if those won’t fit I’ll suffice for the 275/55/20 but I want to see how it looks first.
  4. The falken wildpeak AT3W comes in a 275/55/20 that is a P rated XL tire (6 Ply) They also have a 275/60/20 that is a P rated SL (4 Ply) Both would suit your needs wells and would retain the good look of an all terrain. Plus they are a very good tire for the money.
  5. Complex Tire question

    Diameter is not the only thing that would cause rubbing. It’s a combination of offset width and total diameter. The extra height of the 275/60/20 might make the tire reach out too far while turning and rub. But i cannot seem to get a definitive answer on the 275/60/20 with the wildpeaks and a 2018 whether not not they fit.
  6. Complex Tire question

    Somewhat fuel economy, somewhat don't want the extra strain on the front suspension, and somewhat because i thought i saw somewhere that with the new stamped UCA a level didn't stop you from rubbing.
  7. So i recently purchased a 2018 SLT 4x4 crew Z71 with the 275/55/r20 tires. I know i want to upgrade from the SRA's but I'm stuck in the never ending loop of which tire and size to buy. One thing i cant seem to figure out is does a 275/60/20 fit with out a level? I question this because i saw another poster mention that the stamped UCA on the newer sierras wont fit 275/60/20 with a level... So that's got me confused. Also say that 275/60/20 can fit without a level with no rubbing I'm torn between load ranges. I know i don't want load range E at all, too stiff and don't have anything that would tow near max capacity but i do tow flatboats and center consoles at least once a month. I do a lot of highway driving and MPG and ride quality is important to me. Off-roading is minimal and the main reason for the tire change would be the avoidance of getting stuck in barely muddy grass as well as the upgrade in looks. To me the Falken wildpeak at3w in either size range would fit the bill perfectly, however... I noticed the 275/60/20 is a standard load (4ply) with a load index of 114 or 115. The 275/55/20 is an XL (6ply) load index of 117. The XL (6 ply) seems like it would be the perfect rated tire for me but I'm not sure i would like the llok of the tire on the truck as i haven't seen any trucks with the stock tire size but upgraded ATs. So if i chose the 275/60/20 (assuming it would fit with no level) would i be disappointed in the 4 ply and its towing capability. Me leans to know since that is what the SRAs are but what say you. Sorry for the inevitable thread that has probably been beaten to death.
  8. Is this the 5500 or 6500? i will be ordering today thanks!
  9. Honestly the wear wouldn’t bother me all that much. I kinda feel like if I’m gunna do it I want to put the brightest thing I can in. When they go out I’ll replace it. Will y’all not be carrying the 45watt for a specific reason?
  10. So I just bought my 2018 Sierra 1500 without the led upgrade. I’d rather just do a morimoto bulb switch but I haven’t heard nearly any talk about the 45watt D5s bulb that morimoto has. Are there compatibility issues or are they just new. They are only $20 more than the 35 watt bulbs. Has anyone run these yet??

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