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  1. Title says it all. 2018 Denali Hd 4wd. I want to level my truck but retain the absolute best ride while still level the truck. I dont mind paying for it either. But I’m not spending 10k. What say you?
  2. Oil Filter Recs

    So I wonder what’s up with the discrepancy in info
  3. Oil Filter Recs

    Well personally I would engineer it to control off the discharge of the oil filter. This would account for any increased flow resistance or “DP” associated with a dirty filter. Doing so would allow the oil pump to overcome the flow resistance and provide the engine with the same oil flow as a clean filter. Whats the real answer though
  4. Oil Filter Recs

    I am sorry you are correct i was thinking backward for a second let me correct.
  5. Oil Filter Recs

    If you do call let me know what they say. I'm curios about the discrepancy now.
  6. Oil Filter Recs

    Pressure drop is related to flow rate which is directly related to overall pressure. The flow rate is driven directly by the head pressure created by the oil pump. Higher supply pressure higher flow rate greater DP across the filter. I do not have the answer either way whether or not the nanofilter decreases the resistance factor in turn lowering the DP. But i think this argument is somewhat similar to people switching to 5w-20 or 5w-30 after warranty is up. I'm in the boat that i am going to follow what the engineers decided at GM to run 0w-20. The same way that i am going to follow their by-pass pressure setting recommended. Some agree some do not.
  7. Oil Filter Recs

    I never mentioned anything about a GM truck or a PF63 to the tech. I asked if he could give me the bypass pressure setting for an Ea017. He said he would have to check with someone else on where to find it but he could. He left the phone for about two minutes came back and said the pressure setting for an Ea017 was 14-16psi.
  8. Oil Filter Recs

    The pressure on the dash is around 40 psi when running normally. You wouldn’t be bypassing. You go into bypass when your psi gauge reads in the 65-80 or thereabouts. (Put your foot down and you will see the gauge goes that high without much effort). Or it can go into bypass when the oil gauge reads as little as 35 at idle on cold engine startup just depends. I think I have seen a dp test across a filter but never a test that compares filters back to back.
  9. Oil Filter Recs

    This in theory is partially true if the nanofiber does flow better (have a lower dp after xxx amount of miles). However the pressure bypass plays a much bigger role under load and when engine oil hasn’t warmed to operating temp. When under load you oil filter is seeing a high upstream pressure due to the pressure supplied by the oil pump. The restriction of the oil filter naturally creates a dp depending on the bypass setting determines whether or not oil will flow through the filter or not. A lower dp setting will cause the filter to be bypassed more often. When cold the viscosity of the engine oil creates a higher restriction therefore a higher pressure drop causing the filter to be bypassed until the pressure setpoint is reached. So the lower the pressure setpoint the longer the filter will remain in bypass while the engine warms up. There isn’t any statistical specifications (to my knowledge) that state the dp across the oil filters for comparison and just from my intuition I don’t believe it would be vastly different to cause one filter to be in bypass while another is not (all bypass pressure settting equal). I truly believe it to be more more important to follow gm specifications regarding pressure bypass settings rather than have a full synthetic media or nanofilter tech. That’s just my opinion and I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts.
  10. Oil Filter Recs

    My guess is that tech was unaware of the spec change of the filters for the 5.3. If you look look at the pf63 it’s bypass pressure is 15psi (which is what the amsoil filter is per my questioning amsoil tech) the pf63e bypass pressure is 22psi. There is a bulletin passed around about gm saying that using and oil filter with a bypass setting of 15psi or less could introduce particles and increase engine wear. When end I called the amsoil tech I didn’t ask whether the ea0 17 would work for the 5.3, rather I asked specifically what its bypass specs were. He had to go look it up from some other manual but he informed me the bypass pressure setting was 14-16psi.
  11. Oil Filter Recs

    So for those that are picking a filter not speced for the updated bypass pressure (i.e. fram and amsoil), is there a reason??
  12. Oil Filter Recs

    I thought it was general consensus that the PF63E was bad because if the ecore
  13. Oil Filter Recs

    I actually just called Amsoil and they also only have a bypass setting of 14-16psi. So for the time being personally i rule them out
  14. This is a very personal opinion driven topic but i think its important to get any parts of information that I'm not privy to. They all have pros and cons and i will list my choice below. Keep in mind I'm a 5000 mile Oil and Filter change kinda guy so i know this probably matters none but i cant help it. I will be putting in Mobile 1 EP 0w-20. Wix: Pros: Synthetic wire backed media, Correct bypass pressure setting of 22psi Cons: 50% efficiency for particles 20 micron or larger Fram Ultra: Pros: Reigning BITOG champion, synthetic wire backed, 99% efficiency for particles 20 micron or larger Cons: Incorrect bypass setting of 9-15 psi Mobile 1: Pros: Correct bypass pressure setting of 22psi Cons: Semi-synthetic non wire backed media. Unknown: 99% efficiency with particles 30 micron or larger (IDK how this compares to the other two testing standard of 20 micron) I have taken the belief that the bypass valve pressure setting is important and i have all but written off the Fram ultra (even though it would be my first choice if it had the correct setting). The Wix efficiency really turns me off even though in all reality it might be better than mobil 1 when compared on same scale. My guess is its a comparable efficiency to the mobil 1 considering they are both trying to make 20K mile oil filters. What say you
  15. Puling this one out the grave but i like this upgrade and will do it soon. For my wiring i was wondering if i could wire it to both the cargo lights and my reverse lights. Correct me if I'm wrong though but i think if i did it that way my reverse lights would come on when i have the cargo lights on and my cargo lights would come on when i have my reverse lights on. Does anyone see any major problems with this?

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