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  1. 2018 Sierra 1500 Denali - for the past few weeks I have been hearing a popping noise that kind of sounded like small rocks hitting the windshield but their were none. I thought it might be expansion/contraction of something in the dash. Last night while driving home on a smooth road, I heard three pops and then a very loud snap. Windshield cracked from the top in an arc around and under the rear view mirror/ lane departure camera pod. No rock chips at all, just a crack. 7k miles. Anyone seen anything like that? Chronic problem or fluke? Do I take it to dealer or glass shop? Does the camera need to be recalibrated after a new windshield? Thanks!
  2. Yeah. Knew about the key fob trick, but it would be nice to have it do it automatically. And I agree with the auto unfold - that is exactly the circumstance I was referring to. Would suck to see your mirrors power out into a wall!
  3. How about auto fold the mirrors on exit door lock ? Would be nice to auto unfold on start, but some may not want this as there may be a condition where you need to have the mirrors stay folded.
  4. Anyone have this system? Pricey, but says it will work with the oem parking sensors. https://echomaster.com/catalog/side-blind-spot-sensors/microwave-sensor-side-blind-spot-detection-system
  5. What is the diode for in the gray connector on the left?
  6. Way cool. Do you have a link or part number for the chrome 1A auto powerfold mirrors? Can you get those or do I order from 1a? Is your harness price the same as the oems
  7. Phil. Did I hear you say that the bottom caps are interchangeable between the oem and 1A auto mirrors? Would that mean that the Intelllihaul cameras/bottom caps would work on the 1Aauto mirrors? Dave
  8. Josh - how is the fit of the mirrors. One of the comments is critical of the fit. Any chance you have any pics of the front and back installed? You happy with them?
  9. Me too! Plus I’m thinking of adding the 3 camera system at the same time. Interested in what mirrors you put on (oem or aftermarket) and why you picked them.
  10. I’m looking at the 3 camera towing system (two mirror cameras and a wireless trailer camera - plus I will probably add the front camera) and here is my question. I am also upgrading to the towing mirrors so have two options - (1) is the oem gmc DQS mirrors with the intellihaul system and (2j is the 1A auto/AM auto mirrors and the Rostra 3 camera interface. The advantages/disadvantages I see are: intellihaul,oem DQS mirrors - advantages: (1) “endorsed” by GM (2) factory look oem mirrors w/ nicely integrated cameras (3) nice 3 camera display setting (can’t see that rosta unit - disadvantages (1) loose puddle lights (2) intellihaul doesn’t appear to support automatic front camera switching at low speeds (3) selection of trailer reverse camera as default is by dip switch on unit during install - selection of the trailer camera when oem backup camera is set as default during install requires 7sec wait (4) mirrors and interface unit are both the more expensive options 1A mirrors and Rostra interface -advanatages (1) can enable puddle lights with the proper harness from Phil (2) has capabilty for enabling auto front camer switching (from menu) (3) has the capability of setting trailer camera as the default reverse camera (from menu) (4) no 7sec delay to select a different camera after shifting to reverse (5) slightly less expensive option (6) more options (supports more cameras - 6, I think - plus hdmi input (not sure I would ever use that)) - disadvantages (1) cameras require drilling of mirrors and are not “integrated” for a factory look (2) no three camera view ( that I could see) (3) not gm “endorsed” what am l missing? For those that have made the swaps of the mirrors and/or added the interface to towing mirrors, are you happy with what you chose and would you do it again? What made you select what you did? thanks in advance for any help in making this rather pricey decision!
  11. Thanks Phil. The only reason I was going with the oem mirrors is because I am also purchasing the Intelllihaul 3 camera system and the mirror cameras replace the oem mirror bottom caps. How do I buy the mirrors and the harnesses through you?
  12. Phil - I just found this thread after researching towing mirror upgrades. I have a 2018 Sierra Denali ultimate with the powerfold std mirrors. As I said, I want to upgrade to the OEM towing mirrors. I’m going with the oem towing mirrors as I want to also add the intellihaul 3 camera system with the mirror mounted cameras. I’ve read several threads about what I need to have all the mirror functions I have with my current mirrors work (heat, glass signals, marker lights, cargo lightspower fold, memory, and reverse tilt - I understand I will lose the puddle lights with the oem towing mirrors, correct?) and I’m even more confused. Can you tell me what part number oem mirrors I need and what door harnesses? I assume that sine I have an Denali ultimate, I have all the required wires in the car side harness? thanks in advance - your research and knowledge is amazing!
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