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  1. Does anyone here have a 2018 or newer with the 8inch display? I want to turn the display off at night. Dimming it sometimes isnt enough. Problem is when i turn it off it doesnt stay off for more than 15 or 20 sec before it turns back on by itself. Just wondering if this is normal or if my display has an issue.
  2. Has anyone had the issue where under display settings where the two options : 1) calibrate screen 2) display off You select the off option and the screen turns off but comes back on after 15 or 20 seconds. I like to be able to turn the display off while driving at night but for whatever reason its not staying off...
  3. Just read your thread dealing with rpm flucations thought to be a transmission or TC issue.  Wondering what your fix was. Tried clicking the link you shared for the fix but it wouldnt load. 

    1. morrislee


      Yes, ended up to be a cylinder constantly misfiring ending up tripping "P050D" on the odd cases that allowed the dealer to recognize there is a issue. 


      Need to hook up a real time monitor to see the misfires happens when the fluctuation happening, if it is not severe enough, I dont think any code will trip. Took a long time for the P050D to show.


      I was lucky that I have the issue documented and repairs attempted under 60,000 KMS base warranty, I got my GMPP deductible back.


      Keep me posted, I work at a dealer now in Edmonton, email me is easier

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