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  1. You know what my dad would tell me when i was younger?
  2. Morimoto Fog Light Failure

    i know when i put different bulbs in i couldn’t believe how easy the seals fell out
  3. Morimoto Fog Light Failure

    doesn’t look like the seal failed, looks like it was not in period
  4. apple car play and andiod auto but u may need a radio module and usb plug depending are your year
  5. 2014 1500 stereo upgrade

    put it back to stock buy an hmi and radio module and then u have stock carplay, pm me for more info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have 6 of these for sale, non navigation, $110 shipped will need programmed to ur vin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. i have a couple 2.5 hmi for sale, 110$ shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If anyone is interested i have a few 2.5 hmi for sale that are on the prefered list for this upgrade
  9. Oil

    what is ur consumption average
  10. so is the water from shark fin going down the wire into bcm?radio? or water just getting on a certain component
  11. are u wiggling a connector or the enitre bcm, do u have a connector not pushed in all the way, take the connectors out and look for and pushed back pins or water intrusion
  12. i think there are some bose modules that will not work if u don’t have bose, just trying to make sure
  13. any one know if an 84278524 , 2017, will work for radio module, it says, Io4/5&U2m (&u2k&usl)&vrg-mbm, on it

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