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  1. That is shitty. Please report the issue: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ All of us have been reporting it. Hopefully this will give it the exposure it deserves.
  2. Thanks for posting this!
  3. lol.. well, I also have the onstar antenna leak too! They have my "new and improved" antenna at the shop waiting for me. You should just tell us the fix or secretly send an Amazon link to the $5 part so we don't have to worry about our cab going up in flames Man, GM is becoming a super awesome company. Our Subaru had a shattered bottom windshield because of the wiper defrosters. It was purchased used and out of warranty YET THEY STILL PAID TO FIX AND REPLACE THE WINDSHIELD. I felt proud to have interned at GM a while back.. not so sure anymore...
  4. Hmmm.. If the TSB said that an approved fix for that leak is that little spongey looking thing, then why is 1SLOW1500 saying that it isn't an approved fix? I must be missing something here....
  5. lmao.. Definitely not coming off as an asssss hole! We do appreciate your insight so thanks!
  6. Understood. Being in a technical field, you'd be surprised how often the OBVIOUS root cause is actually not the root cause. Anyway, I believe that GM should be investigating this issue and should fix our vehicles. I don't want an extended warranty in case something happens before it expires. I'm with you. Right now, I am afraid that my rear glass is a ticking bomb. I have the rear defroster auto setting turned off but that glass is STILL warm in the middle after I remote start the truck.
  7. I am having trouble following. Are you saying that GM did identify the root cause for the smoking defroster followed by subsequent shattered window? If yes, then what is it? I agree that it is unreasonable for the charges to fall on the consumers. In answering BPIRKOLA's question, I believe that if it is a known issue, then it should just be fixed. I don't want an extended warranty HOPING that I don't have the issue after it expires.
  8. I don't know if anyone on this thread is qualified and/or has even performed the necessary troubleshooting to conclude that the leak is the root cause of the defroster malfunction followed by shattered glass. Has GM provided the root cause for this issue?
  9. Ah wow, thanks for sharing that.
  10. I have a water leak coming in from my OnStar antenna :'( but not sure that is related. They are going to replace the antenna with a new design. Apparently, the old design has an opening in the rubber where water can flow in... I've heard of leaks at the back of the cab if the egress filters fall off. There are two squares between the bed and cab that allow air to flow out when the cab doors are closed. If those come off, then water would enter the cab (but that is a couple feet below the rear window)... Thanks for letting us know. You should also report it to: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/
  11. Really hope your service department can get to the bottom of it. I saw smoke coming out of the black box on the sliding window but shut it off in time. I also smelled a burning smell. You and I are the only lucky ones to have avoided a shattered window.... so far.
  12. Well, there's a huge thread of people that 'this never happens' to.... I'd have them investigate the defroster before just taking on the bill...
  13. Oh man! Please tell me you're going to submit a complaint with https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/?!?! This is some of the BEST proof we've come across for our issue. GM has to step up with this problem especially with your proof.
  14. Also, thanks for filing the complaint!
  15. I agree with the other post about glass and rates. If your state doesn't have 'glass' protection, then it would go under comprehensive. Comprehensive claims don't count against you. The only time they may become an issue is if you have a string of them over a short period of time. I have a lower comprehensive deductible than my collision; the price difference was not very significant.

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