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  1. Well, umm... that doesn't look like it's supposed to be there.. Did the dealer notice that? The "point of impact" was a damned mini blow torch caused by the defroster... Also, did you report it? If not, PLEASE REPORT IT TO: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ There is a section in your report where you can attach pictures. You are one of the few who actually has evidence that there is some kind of electrical/fire damage. All we have is the aftermath, and unfortunately, is not proof.
  2. haha.. i've had fewer problems with a $20K Sonata than I have had w/ a $70K truck! -_-
  3. I agree with you.. Especially, if you have a baby in a rear-facing child seat like I do! -_- Thank you for providing that link. I didn't even know it was an option to report.
  4. I submitted my complaint. Only took about 3 mins. I urge everyone to do the same. FYI: What happens next? Your complaint will be reviewed by NHTSA technical staff and entered into our database. If any additional information is needed, a NHTSA investigator will contact you. Every complaint is taken seriously, reviewed in detail and analyzed for defects trends. Your complaint is important because it helps to inform NHTSA, other vehicle owners and manufacturers about potential safety concerns. Such information helps save lives, and we encourage you to share the resources available at www.SaferCar.gov with your family, friends and others in your community.
  5. haha!!! well... i've tried opening/closing the rear window, restarting it remotely, leaving that defroster on..... nothing. bunch of bs... the fact that your trim is melted should be proof enough! looking forward to hearing what your dealer/gm have to say. Also, you should report it like the previous posters suggested. That's a serious risk to customers and it should start putting GM on notice. I am going to submit my complaint as well but I think mine is weak b/c I really don't have proof.
  6. You didn't happen to take a video of it did you? When I jumped into my truck and started backing up, I noticed the smoke. It was THE ONLY TIME I didn't have my cell phone on me... Quickly, in my head, I was deciding "should I run and find my phone to record this shit, or should I turn off the defroster in case a wildfire erupts in my cab".... I chose the safe bet... -_- Just read an article on that recall. https://www.cnbc.com/2015/09/09/cadillac-ats-recalled-rear-defroster-control-can-overheat.html What kind of a fix is this?! "Dealers will update climate control software to remove a function that automatically turns the defroster on. Drivers will still be able to turn on the defroster manually."
  7. HELL YES (I'm sorry for your loss)!!! But this is the kind of proof we need. Mine has only smoked but it wasn't on long enough to shatter the window or melt any trim. Thank you for sharing this.
  8. The black box is closer to the passenger rear window but I am seeing all of the driver side rear windows shatter.
  9. I contacted GM directly and they said to see the dealership. I asked specifically for a GM rep but one was not provided. The dealership I went to was helpful, but then again, my window didn't shatter. That could've been a way different ball game.
  10. Thank you for that information! That is very insightful. As a side note, when I visited the dealership two days ago, of course the black box didn't short out. They said that the glass heated to 120 degrees as intended. Interesting, I wonder how hot the glass gets when the box is shorting out.
  11. Yeah, absolutely. Especially being that it's a known issue, they should good will it.
  12. Oh damn, you actually did get that on video. I didn't know you had it running. Something is really strange to me. The black square on my truck was smoking but I'm seeing the rear driver window shattering. I'm wondering if/how they are related.
  13. Ahh. Did it get the whole thing on video :P? I'm still trying to reproduce the smoke issue so I can record it.
  14. Update to my situation: But first, a summary of my experience: I remote started my truck (2017 Denali HD) about one month ago. I hopped in the truck and started to reverse. I noticed smoke coming out of the little black square on the center/sliding window. I also smelled a burning/short smell. I turned off the defroster. For whatever reason, my window did not shatter; perhaps I shut off the defroster in time? I visited the dealership two days ago. They called GM to discuss the situation. GM said that they have had multiple warranty claims for the rear glass but they have not been able to determine the root of the issue (not enough data, just shattered windows). (If I remember correctly), GM suggested to the dealership that they replace the glass. We decided against that because we don't even know what the problem is and I don't want them cutting stuff out that may OR may not need to be removed. So, moving forward, I am going to try to reproduce the issue and take video of the black box emitting smoke.
  15. What is that black rectangle on the top left corner of the glass? Mine does not have that (I don't think).

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