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  1. These would be plug and play for your application. My 2016 LTZ had the same features as yours and the only thing that is not 'plug/play' on these mirrors is the spot/cargo/reverse lamp. I connected these separately with a kit from Phil - pgamboa on the forum. He sent me the instructions, wiring and diodes needed. I can send the diodes with the mirrors, but do not have the wiring for the separate connection.
  2. Trail Ridge Towing Mirrors from 1A Auto Part # 1AMRP01786 Fitment: 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500 AND 2015-2018 Silverado/Sierra 2500 & 3500 Includes: Puddle lamp, reverse spot light, smoke turn signals, etc Link to exact mirrors: https://www.1aauto.com/chevrolet-gmc-driver-and-passenger-side-2-piece-mirror-set-trail-ridge/i/1amrp01786?f=1106730&y=2016 I had these on my LTZ for a little over 2 years. Getting rid of the truck and decided to put stock mirrors back on the truck. Only issue is some minor scuffs/scratches from birds. I am going to polish the mirrors, which will remove mosts of the defects. Apart from that, everything is functional and ready to go. Mirrors will be cleaned, coated and placed back in original packaging with papers... I had the stock mirrors stored in the box they came in. Price on 1A Auto is $600+ $350 shipped to you from Indianapolis area. 317-850-6564
  3. Hi Phil, I’ve had towing mirrors on my LTZ for the last year and finally getting around to hooking up running and cargo/spot lamps. Please let me know how I can go about purchasing the DIY wiring from you and if this will cover what I need. 2016 Silverado LTZ - DL3 Mirrors removed Current tow mirrors - 1A Auto 1AMRP01786 Thank you!
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