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  1. I had the same, my diesel shop said it was OK, then when towing under heavy/hot conditions I got "Low Oil Pressure" warnings. I drop gears when I;m towint heavy/hot(100deg.+) and I upgraded my motor oil (and filtration).
  2. If the brake pedal light switch is worn/loose, etc. that brake light signal cancels the cruise control
  3. I replaced the controller and oiled the connecter. Mine is on the frame rail.
  4. I have a 2007 Sierra 2500HD (K2500) Duramax. After the 'Service Trailer Brake System' DIC message appeared I changed the Controller and checked both fuses. The message persists. I am not able to find the ITBC on any of the schematics I have and not on the internet, either. Does anyone have one or can you point me to one?
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