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  1. We have, curious as to what oil was in it at the time of failure? This is lowly unusual.
  2. Sorry I missed the truck bed portion. Here's the location on my '01.
  3. Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to replace / upgrade the headlights on my 2001 Sierra 1500, as 20 years of sandblasting has taken their toll. I was looking at HID Xenon + 99-06 GMC Sierra kit on one of the sites, it looks like a complete kit, plus $15 bucks for a harness. The description reads professional install recommended. Has anyone done this?
  4. As the experts have said, the outer diameter is pretty the same across the board. The OEM rims on my '01 Sierra were 16 inch, and the Michelin LTX 265/75R16 were 31.6 inches, the 18 inch rims are off a 2020 Sierra, running Wrangler Invicta 265/65R18, 31.5 inches. I looked up the individual specs on Tire rack. Engine is a 5.3 T, 3.73 gear set.
  5. My truck rattles as well, on the first start in the morning, usually clears up by the time I reach the street (long driveway). I have pinpointed it to a shield, GMC is however replacing the entire cat back system under warranty with this complaint as I was at the GMC Dealer yesterday on another issue and queried the SM. Have a great one!
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