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  1. Thanks ! Yes I had dealer do it as it was sitting over there. Those are the rough country ones. I had them on all my trucks, helps with the midwest sh#* on the roads !! They are about 2" over the fender. Works great with that size tire, nothing on mirrors or fenders.
  2. Running 20x9 with +1 offset with 305/55r20 ridge grapplers. It does have the chevy 2" lift on it. No rubbing at all
  3. Finally get it home ! Been long time waiting, ordered in Nov !! Will get a few more pics of her when its all done.
  4. Chrome side molding

    Nice Truck !!! What size tires, rims, offset and lift ?
  5. Nice looking truck ! What size tires,rims and offset did you use ? Lifted any or just leveled?
  6. Nice looking truck! what are the size of rims, tires and offset did you use on your truck ? Any lift or level ?

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