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  1. I have had that rack/tool box setup for the last 3 years and those lights for at least the last year. I drive about 250 miles a week and on a normal day I roll around at 8500-9000lbs. During the summer I regularly load another 1000lbs in the back. I drive 90% city and overheating has never been an issue but to be fair it rarely gets above 85° where I live.
  2. Hahaha it's like a little ghost coming to get you
  3. Alright so I literally just joined about 5 min ago and this is my first post... I know it's a year old but I came across this while looking for info on putting a 20" bar behind the grill of my '16 CR-V. Anyways, my 2012 Sierra has 6 light bars (small to medium) that are all blocking air flow and I carry around a solid 2500+lbs at all times... Never once has my temp gauge moved. I have 5 behind the grill and 1 in the bumper. 7" single row x2 7" dual row 10" dual row 12" dual row 22" dual row Hopefully by now you were able to figure it all out but I really doubt some lights would be an issue unless your towing 10,000lbs in 100°+ weather or have an already weak cooling system.

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