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  1. Can you install some type of antenna? The only thing I did not do is unhook battery. Like I said it is working fine with the exception of Google maps saying "searching for gps signal". It comes in and out
  2. I did not have factory navigation. I have always had it in close proximity to screen.
  3. No luck with cable. It says "searching for gps signal". It comes in and out. I took phone out of case also.
  4. Recently installed the updated modules in my 2015 Yukon. The units themselves work perfect. The Yukon does not have factory navigation. The Google maps seems to continue lose signal and reconnect. Any suggestions?
  5. Looking for guidance. I have a 2015 Yukon that was built late 2014 I want to upgrade system to allow for Android auto etc. The information I have gleaned from this thread is as follows. 1. I need t install a 2.5 HIM part no.84296480. I have one on way that is new out of a 2018 Tahoe. 2. I will need to take to dealer to get it synced with Vin. He has told me $100 Questions I have. I have USB IN the CONSOLE and two more together in cash and also one behind radio display in that secret compartment. Do I need to install new USB ports? Do I need a new radio module? What are part numbers if I do? Thanks

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