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  1. Good feedback! Are you going to get UCAs too? Im discovering it’s a major improvement for not hitting the droop stops really easily. Can’t wait to put mine on. Waiting on Kryptonites to come in. They make theirs with a slightly different angle so you don’t have to cut off the droop stops and overextended your cv axles like cognito tells you to. Also has a lifetime warranty. Once everything is all installed hopefully within the month I’ll report back on progress. I’m coming off of 5100s and stock UCAs.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’m excited. Bummed they didn’t have them available before
  3. How’s the ride quality compared to stock?? I just got the 6112 kit too and just waiting on Kryptonite UCAs to come in. Coming off 5100s and stock UCAs so I’m sure I’ll be stoked
  4. It won’t be quite within the week but probably in about a month. I’ll be taking mine off and putting 6112s on. They have about 20k miles on them so I’ll do $120 for the pair
  5. Looking like a solid setup. How’s the ride quality?? Did it eliminate the top out feeling?
  6. That’s good the hear! With my 5100s it felt more controlled but the stock coil doesn’t seem to be good at all. Almost like it’s maki nag the shock do too much work. I’ll have to get the 6112 kit when my funds allow it. Should be an easy swap without having to align it since I already have the 5100 adjustables on there in the max height.
  7. In what way do you find the front end better? Softer? More progressive? Less of a top-out feeling going over bigger stuff I hope? I only have the 5100s on mine since the 6112 kit wasn’t available when I leveled mine. Just debating whether it’ll be worth it or not do throw the 6112s on there now.
  8. Anybody got the 6112s now that they’re finally out?? I have the 5100s on my 2018 and I wonder if it would be worth it to make the switch.
  9. Wondering if anybody has had any more recent luck with the clunks and delays? For me it's during a slow to complete stop when I get back on the throttle, no matter how lightly I apply it. Happens almost every time I accelerate. Mine is a 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT E-assist. Kinda wondering if the e-assist crap has something to do with it too. I never had the shuddering issue at higher speeds, but they flushed with the new Mobil-1 fluid as well a few months back. I have never received any replacement of the torque converter, servo motor or valve body like some people have. I have about 12k miles now. I just want it to drive like a normal damn truck! Since they are lagging at coming out with a new tune, I might just start with the Range AFM disabler. Shouldn't have to sacrifice good MPG to get a transmission to work right. Sucks that they locked the TCM so it can't be truly tuned by most companies. If I can just get the clunks and delays to go away I'll be a happy man!
  10. Whats your update since you had this done? I've gotten the triple flush with the new synthetic Mobil 1 fluid, but no torque converter or valve body replacement.
  11. Hoping somebody might want to trade their dark slate metallic paint matched grill, pictured below in that dealer photo, for my chrome one! Mine is in perfect shape with only 5700 miles on the truck. I like having a little bit of chrome like on the bumper and the middle portion but having the grill edge paint matched would be perfect for me. I live around Santa Cruz, CA, just in case somebody is local to me. Thanks for any interest! 87C241E6-8C9E-449E-AAAD-B47C48883946.jp2
  12. You did the tune in your 18? What tune did you do? I want to do a black bear tune but it just sucks that they can’t tune the TCM. It’s always seemed to me like this whole deal is simply a tuning issue on GMs part
  13. What was up with the transmission in your 2015? My 2018 doesn’t have any shaking at higher speeds, just the low speed clunk upon throttle application
  14. Got mine flushed with the new fluid after they got the tools a few weeks ago. Hasn’t made a difference and still does the big clunk when I let off the throttle then back on, no matter how lightly I press it. I’m sure all of this is a programming issue, which sucks since they locked the TCM for 17-18. A black bear tune would have been epic. Debating getting a 15-16 TCM to get programmed
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