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  1. Real world city MPG?

    You speak the truth. I try to hang back in the pack enough to give myself a bit of reaction time. Traveled I-10 from Houston to Lafayette, La for 20+ years for work, pretty much always running 80+. Maybe I've been lucky but I've been high speed traveling for 35 years without any accidents and very,very few speeding tickets.. This Denali has a sweet spot at 88 where it all seems to synch up and get happy.
  2. Real world city MPG?

    I don't really differentiate city/highway mileage. I live in rural Texas and I probably average 80% highway. Overall I'm around 18.8 mpg the past 7000 miles. It's not unusual to set my cruise at 80+ mph on the interstate here in Tx. On a recent trip to San Antonio we traveled nearly 30 miles with a group of vehicles that were running a steady 94 mph.
  3. I've had the truck since 2/14 and just turned 7000 miles today. Had a check engine light come on and stay on. Took it to dealership and they did a software update that fixed the issue. Had something to do with the anti lock brake module. Other than an occasional funky trans shift, the truck has been great. That being said, I'm coming out of two previous F150 Ecoboosts that were flawless, so this GMC has some pretty big shoe to fill. Over the years I've had 7 GM trucks and 8 Ford trucks, probably had slightly less issues from the Fords but not enough to make me favor one over the other.
  4. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    19 Denali 5.3 4wd 3.23 gear, 33" GY Trail Runner. BakFlip G2. Pretty much identical numbers as you guys.
  5. Bedrug/impact liner

    I have a Bed Rug over the factory spray in on my 19 Denali. Had a DeeZee mat in my previous F150 and a Bed Rug in the f150 prior to that. All my trucks either have had a tonneau cover or fiberglass cap. I'd go with the mat if the bed were to be open to the elements.
  6. Speed governer on 19's?

    Mine shuts down at 112, tried it 3 times with the same result.
  7. Weathtech vs. GM floor mats

    I put the GM mats in my 19 Denali and couldn't be more pleased. Had Husky in my 18 Yukon XL and thought they were cheap looking and built. I'll never buy Husky again. I had Weather Techs in my previous two F150s and while I liked them much better than the Husky's, the GM mats are a superior product.
  8. 4 lights

    I had a 2018 Yukon XL with no HUD. The front collision warning flashes on the windshield. Evidently you were too close, the next thing it would have done would have been to apply the brakes. Rather unsettling.
  9. Nope to the 85 mph. I seldom break 70. Just completed a 480 mile trip towing a 3700 lb bass boat. Hand calculated to 13.2 mpg. Rolling hills of East Texas probably averaged 68 mph on the highway. My 2004 Yukon XL 5.3L 3.73 rear averaged 13.6 towing the same boat. The Denali tows with far more ease than my old Yukon ever did and surprisingly enough it seems to tow as well as my ecoboosts did, actually better than my 2012 did. There is no comparison to the 2018 Yukon XL I had, that was the weakest, most ill handling vehicle I've had the displeasure of owning.
  10. I've got the Bakflip G2 on my 19 Denali. Well built, relatively water tight, easy install. I'd definitely recommend it. Had one of those high dollar Retrax on my Lariat and like the Bakflip better. Plus the G2 was less than half the cost as the Retrax.
  11. I'm running 275/60/20 Goodyear Wrangler TA Operate vehicle @ 131' above sea level Run 87 octane and occasionally 92 Never run in sport mode Windows always up As you said, didn't buy the truck for mileage, was simply curious that so many folks were getting much higher mileage numbers. I drive specifically for economy. When I'm alone I use many hypermiling techniques. I normally got 4-6 mpg better than my wife in the ecoboost trucks, not so much in this one.
  12. I just don't get it. I've never gotten over 17.9 mpg hand calculated. I've got about 2400 miles on the truck and my only heartburn is the mileage. Truck is a 2019 Denali 4wd 5.3L 3.23 gears. I drive extremely easy. The area I live in is rolling hills with a small percentage of city driving. I just find it amazing that folks are getting in the lower to mid 20s. My previous two trucks were F150 Ecoboosts that were somewhat more efficient than this GM.
  13. On my 2018 Yukon XL, I ended up with an 11" drop to make my Bass Cat trailer level, I tried an 8" but I was still tongue high.
  14. Strangely enough the error on my F150s was pretty much linear. if it read 22.5 it would hand calculate about 21 or so. Pulling a trailer, if it read 14, it would calculate about 13.7 My GMC reads spot on, I mean to the hundredth, when towing my boat the DIC will read a couple tenths less than it calculates out to be.
  15. I've not even come close to your mileage and I try to hypermile as much as possible. Not only can the practice yield great fuel mileage, it saves wear and tear on your vehicle. I drove a Yukon XL 200K+ and replaced the brake pads at 180K and they still had over 50% wear left. My two previous F150 Ecoboosts would squeek out 24+ mpg on flat ground in the summer. My 19 5.3 4WD Denali w/3.23 gear looks like it'll make low 20s. I live in rolling hills and in combo driving, I've yet to top 18 mpg on a tank full. OBTW, I always hand calculate and my DIC has shown about .1 mpg less than calculated. Both my F150s were 1.5 mpg happy.

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