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  1. Both my Lariats paint was superior to my Denali. Body panel alignment was better, the leather interior seemed to be better quality material.. My 2015 was probably the most flawless vehicle I've owned, most definitely not assembled on a Monday or Friday. The Ecoboosts make so much torque at such low rpm that they are a pleasure to drive. I'm taking nothing away from the Denali, it has met or exceeded my expectations. It rides quieter than my wife's E-class Mercedes, tows great, does okay fuel economy and is quite comfortable. The Ford just seemed like they were put together by folks that gave a damn.Not so much the GMC.
  2. If this was my first rodeo, I'd probably agree with you but since, I took my driving test in a brand new 1973 Bronco and have been in 4 wheel drive trucks/SUV vehicles ever since, I'll have to disagree. I do know the noise and feel a vehicle makes when the tire hits or rubs on said vehicle. I'm not sure where mine rubbed but it wasn't the mud guard and the wheels weren't straight. 46 years of offroading have put me in the position like that insurance commercial. "I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two".
  3. Same here. I was a dyed in the wool Ford Ecoboost guy but the local dealer pissed me off with a ridiculous trade offer and just plain run around BS. I left there and the next morning was driving a 19' Denali. After driving the GMC for nearly a year and 12K miles, I believe I'd go back to Ford. None of my Ecoboosts had turbo lag issues and the overall quality was higher in the Lariats than the Denali. If Ram could get their quality act together, it'd be a no brainer.Nicest interior and ride out there.
  4. I'm prone to believe what he's saying. My 2019 4WD Denali has the same tires and rims. A couple weeks ago I climbed a 4" curb and crawled (slowly) through some relatively shallow ruts, as the front tire dropped off into a rut, it sounded like it tore something up but upon inspection I found no damage. Nevertheless, the front tire definitely made hard contact with something. In a true offroad situation this truck would be as useless as hen shit on a hoe handle. Thankfully that's not what I bought it for.
  5. The $2600+ cost difference plus the need for premium fuel just doesn't make sense. I gladly pay for premium fuel for our Mercedes, it has high compression and the performance justifies it, The 6.2L in the truck does not. Both of my previous F150 Ecoboost trucks were quicker and more torquey. Bought the Denali for the GM drive, comfort, safety features and the lux aspect.
  6. That list of 15 vehicles spanned 40 years +/- normally drive a vehicle about 85K. Kept one GMC to nearly 200K, traded another in at 5K. The only towing I do is a 3750# boat and trailer. Very little offroad these days, the only reason my Denali is 4WD is to navigate bad boat ramps. I have less long term faith in the newest vehicles than in the ones from the early 2000s. The cylinder deactivation that GM is using seems to be a weak spot, I also question Ford's timing chain tensioners on the Ecoboost and the 5.0. Internet forums are where folks come to look for answers to issues and complain, so the likelihood of encountering any of these issues is fairly remote. My odometer rolled over 11K yesterday and so far all is well. I plan on driving this Denali for many years as I am recently retired and my budget no longer allows me to swap vehicles on a whim.
  7. I drove identical 6.2 and 5.3 4WD 1500 Denalis. Back to back, over the exact same route and could not see enough difference to justify the cost difference or the 6.2's need for premium fuel. Coming out of an F150, 3.5L Ecoboost they both were pretty pathetic on the bottom end. I ended up going with the 5.3L and have been pleasantly surprised at how capable it is. Had I had needed more towing/hauling capacity the smart move would have been to a 2500 series Duramax or F250 Powerstroke. Wanted to go faster? Hop into the wife's Mercedes Benz
  8. I've replaced 3 windshields in the past year. $330 for the wife's Mercedes, $286 for my 2019 Denali and $275 for the 2018 Yukon. This crap is getting old1
  9. Mine kicks in at 112, which incidentally is the speed rating of my tires.
  10. I've owned both and prefer the Bakflip due to the additional bed space. I believe the Retrax to be more secure but have had no issues with my current Bakflip.
  11. I test drove identical 4WD Denalis one 6.2 and the other 5.3, back to back and there wasn't enough performance difference to justify the additional up front cost or the requirement of premium fuel. I'm at about 9k miles so far and if I were to make the decision over, I think I'd stay with the 5.3L, it has done everything I have asked of it including towing with ease. When I feel the need to burn some premium fuel and desecrate the speed laws I hop in my wife's E class Mercedes Benz.
  12. I have a bed rug in my 19 Denali and have had them in previous trucks, they make it easy on my old knees and are just classy looking. I had a DeeZee mat in my previous truck and it did a fine job also, though not as easy on the knees as the bed rug, hence the rug in the Denali.
  13. I had 42,500 points and got the GM floor liners and a bed rug. Did it when the double points deal was on previously.
  14. I was in the same quandary back in February. I was in the market for a new truck and the local Ford dealer pissed me off enough to send a loyal Ford guy looking elsewhere. I drove a 2019 Ram Limited 4WD loaded to the gills and I must say I was extremely impressed. Outstanding ride, most comfortable seats I've seen in a truck, 12" display with gobs of technology and the nicest all around interior. The Hemi was responsive and it handled great. Pricing was on par with bot Ford and GM, as far as I could tell there was nothing to dislike about the Ram. Same day I test drove a 2019 Denali 4WD with a 5.3L, nice truck, rode ok, not the best seats or interior but still a quality vehicle. I went home to think it over and got online at Edmunds and read owners reviews of the Ram, GMC and Ford. First thing that jumped out at me was the GMC had 12 reviews, the Ford had 18 and the Ram had 158 reviews. The first Ram review stated that his truck had been the shop 56 days with a myriad of issues that they seemed unable to fix, whether it was availability of parts or the ability to cypher what the causes were, from there on it was like a broken record of leaks, transmission woes, cabin/dash electronic issues. Basically a nightmare. Read the GMC reviews and about the only gripes were a hinky shifting transmission and gripes about dated interior, pretty much the same for Ford. Next day I bought the Denali. After 5 1/2 months and 9000 miles, it's been a relatively good vehicle. Interior is just ok, fuel economy averages around 18 or so combined, tows surprisingly well and it has a hinky shifting transmission. If I were to be honest with myself, my previous two F150 Lariat Ecoboosts were better all around vehicles, they towed better, were quieter, got at least equal economy, had better paint quality and ran like scalded dogs. In retrospect I let my being pissed at Ford sway my decision too much. All that being said, I plan on keeping this truck for several years as it seems to be well put together and has done everything I've asked of it with ease.
  15. You speak the truth. I try to hang back in the pack enough to give myself a bit of reaction time. Traveled I-10 from Houston to Lafayette, La for 20+ years for work, pretty much always running 80+. Maybe I've been lucky but I've been high speed traveling for 35 years without any accidents and very,very few speeding tickets.. This Denali has a sweet spot at 88 where it all seems to synch up and get happy.
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