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  1. Is it possible to simplify these instructions or word them differently? For example there isnt a fuse block on the passenger side, is F10 the fuse number? Do you mean open or remove the glove box by "lower"?
  2. I think im gonna sit down and look at it to but I don't have time either right now haha
  3. Alright thanks a lot
  4. Thanks, I'm not trying to annoy i'm just making sure you had remembered.
  5. You got that info yet?
  6. Oh I was wondering since it's been a while
  7. Just making sure you haven’t forgot about this
  8. Anywhere I can find one for free? I have the electrical schematic manual for the whole truck but those aren't real good at showing the exact location of things. 2013 silverado 1500 4x4 lt
  9. What you could so is just get a different set of wheels with more of a negative offset. But since a 7.5 inch lift can clear 35's it looks like you could go with a .5 inch spacer and not have any rubbing on the fender well. It depends on what kind of stance you want, if you want to be wide then go with a 1 inch but you'll have to put 3 inch spacers on the rear to have them track the same which isn't good for the bearings. A good way to tell what you need is put something between the hub and wheel like some washers on the lug nuts and and slightly tighten it down and see what you got then measure how thick the washers are when you've decided.
  10. I have the LEDS in the mirrors wired to the reverse lights so they come on every time it's in reverse. But yes I would like to bypass this.
  11. I have it wired form the cargo light power wire in the junction box on the firewall on the drivers side to the reverse fuse in the fuse box. But as you said I would have to tap in further than that to bypass the safety stuff, I just dont know how to do that yet. Also what does "fsm" mean?
  12. I wired up my cargo light switch to turn on my reverse lights when turned all the way to the right. I have the 2015 style aftermarket mirrors which have the reverse lights built in. I did this so I'm able to see at night when I'm hooking up a trailer or something. The issue with this is that when the truck is started they wont turn on when it is out of park. What do I have to do to bypass this so my cargo lights and reverse lights turn on while it is out of park, I'll use them in drive mostly other than park.

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