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  1. If you want I can send you a video file that works on my truck to see if it works on yours. The video is an episode of dukes of hazzard lol. Its to large to attach to this. This way you can see if its just the video you are trying to play that will not work or the truck itself not playing videos at all for what ever reason.
  2. Sorry I am just now seeing this. I would think that they would hold up with dogs. The vinyl doesn't seem cheap and they seem like decent quality. I can't say 100% sure but I would think they would be fine. Especially with smaller dogs or the dogs not moving around much.
  3. Yes you are correct. I had forgotten about having to do this. I believe i formatted the videos I got to play on my 2016 in 480x320
  4. What about the video itself your trying to play?
  5. If you are on windows you would plug in the flash drive then on This Pc right click on the flash drive, click format, then under file system it has a drop down where you can change the format of the drive. I read somewhere that for videos these trucks like to be formatted to Fat32. I'm pretty sure it was Fat32 but I cant remember. Do you know what format the video you are trying to play is?
  6. You have to make sure that the video is in MP4 format. I did get this to work on my truck but in my experience it seems like the truck is kinda picky on what it will play. I used a usb flashdrive and I believe it is formatted to FAT32 but I would have to double check that. Some videos in MP4 would play then some I tried to download from youtube and convert to MP4 would not. Maybe the conversion program I used wasn't any good.
  7. I have those in my 2016 and I like them. From what I remember they were easy to install.
  8. I did this on my 2016 silverado and used part number 84083245. I think that the part number I used is now discontinued though. Gm likes to change the part numbers on some things. The part numbers also depend if you have a sliding rear window and a sunroof which I have neither. If you have either of those it will be a different part number as there are more switches on the overhead console. I believe the colors also have a different part number. I wouldn't think that this swap would be much different from a 2016 to a 2018.
  9. I don't even use the oil life indicator and will usually change my oil every 4 to 5 thousand miles using amsoil full synthetic. I know that might be a little overkill but I figure oil is cheap and engines are expensive.
  10. I have plugged a tire with a nail around the same spot and drove it like that till I sold that truck and it was fine but I do agree with that the tire should probably be replaced.
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