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  1. I did this on my 2016 silverado and used part number 84083245. I think that the part number I used is now discontinued though. Gm likes to change the part numbers on some things. The part numbers also depend if you have a sliding rear window and a sunroof which I have neither. If you have either of those it will be a different part number as there are more switches on the overhead console. I believe the colors also have a different part number. I wouldn't think that this swap would be much different from a 2016 to a 2018.
  2. I don't even use the oil life indicator and will usually change my oil every 4 to 5 thousand miles using amsoil full synthetic. I know that might be a little overkill but I figure oil is cheap and engines are expensive.
  3. I have plugged a tire with a nail around the same spot and drove it like that till I sold that truck and it was fine but I do agree with that the tire should probably be replaced.
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