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  1. Silly me. I had rear headrest noise and it drove me batty. Leaning them forward at a 90* angle eliminated it. I went back to dealer and found that I (and them after an initial visit) had not fully lowered the headrests. Those release buttons are a little tricky.
  2. Compared to my '03 Silverado SS my '19 RST seats are junk.
  3. Heck, I am happy as is. 2019 RST 5.3 gets double what I was getting with my 2003 Silverado SS AWD (4:10 gearing). I just made a 20 hour round trip drive getting my son thru college new student orientation and got 24ish mpg.
  4. sux having to re-boot, re-everything om every power up.
  5. 1st: GM Please STOP with the Blose crappola and put a decent system in; I'd pay for it!
  6. Had it done today. Took about 50 minutes total for the nav. The service manager had hers done last week and was familiar with the process. Cost was 20,0000 points.
  7. Appt this morning at 8 for upgrade. Call at 10 saying it wouldn't be ready until after noon since Monday is a holiday??????????????????
  8. Hey shipmate, the ECM and Radio both have to be programmed. I was told that the data transfer can be slow and then the wait time on the phone (pay them to be on hold and drink coffee)
  9. Sales manager hooked me up. Appt next Friday for the complimentary oil change, rotation and Nav upgrade. Be aware though, if you buy the card, it will be a two hour labor for both units to be programed and the phone call to GM...cut your best deal.
  10. Drove down to the only other one in town and got the same 2 hr. response. I was also told that my GM rewards were not any good as the program was cancelled months ago.
  11. My '19 RST didn't have Nav so I purchased the software from shop chevy and called my dealer today...they wanted 2 hrs /$320 to activate but the "service manager" had never heard this request and had to ask a tech. Anyone had a dealer do the activation? P/N 84531832
  12. Traded in the trusty '03 SS (all stock except the stolen wheel thing) for a '19 RST last week
  13. First post here gents / ladies. Wheel thieves hit my '03 SS Traded it in after 16 years for a '19 RST last week.
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