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  1. No.....not being over dramatic here. I have truly replaced 4 windshields on my cars and each one was from a rock thrown from a lifted truck. Even had one repaired instead of replaced. One on my pickup, one on my corvette, and two on my wife’s QX80. Truly bad luck. That’s why my wife jokingly said she was not going to let me drive anymore. Couple of months ago I got behind one and started slowing way down. My wife had been looking at her phone and asked what I was doing. Explained to her I was letting the truck get ahead of me so not to get another windshield broken. Believe what you want....
  2. This....I have replaced 4 windshields on my vehicles in the last 5 years. Each time was from getting behind someone with the huge tires and the driver not being able to keep their vehicle off the shoulder and kicking up rocks. My wife has threatened to not let me drive anymore. Three times she has been in the vehicle when it happened. My insurance company loves me. Glad I have 100.00 deductible.
  3. Love the truck. I’m 62 years young and been driving a pickup since my early twenties. First truck I owned was a 1970 S10. Lots of improvements since then. Yeah.... stuff will slide around in the back if left unattended. Don’t know if you have an Atwood’s store anywhere near you but they have a great horse stall mat that is really thick and durable I use in my trucks. Only 40 bucks apiece. I turn them sideways and use two to cover the entire bed. I am sure other places carry them too. https://www.atwoods.com/rb-rubber-products-stall-mat-4-ft-x-6-ft.html
  4. Your not missing anything by getting the 20’s. I also wanted to get the 18’s. Thought they looked great with the duratracs and still do. Dealership had a carbon pro come in with the 18’s on it so I was excited to buy the truck and get the rims and tires I wanted. After owning the truck for a month, wish I had the 20’s. It’s not that the noise is that bad at low speed, but more than I am use to. Don’t seem to notice it too much on the interstate. Plus while driving on wet pavement, I am continually wondering if the traction is going to be as good as a more conventional tread pattern. So far, no problems but can’t stop thinking about it.
  5. Right there with you. Have it on my AT4 and on my wifes Infiniti QX80. I turn it off on both of them and just use regular cruise. Unless you are continually monitoring your speed, you wind up getting behind someone doing less than the speed limit and slowing you down. That’s the reason I use cruise so I don’t have to keep watching my speedo. Different strokes for different folks. Tried it.....I don’t like it. Just happy there is a way to turn it off.
  6. Why is it that all the manufacturers have all gone to a touch screen that looks like it was added at the last second. It’s almost like they completely forgot to put one in and just superglued one in as an afterthought. Personally I think that interior looks good but the touchscreen looks like crap sticking up above the dash.
  7. I can assure you that the advertised prices on Everett’s web site are legit. They are a starting point. You can get better if you are into negotiating with them. I have bought 6 pickups from them. They make their money from volume sales. My local dealer can’t and won’t try to compete with them. They have people fly in from all over the US and drive their new vehicles back home. They also have a Chevrolet, Ford, and Infiniti dealership. My wife is on her 5th Infiniti QX80. No other Infiniti dealership comes close to their deals.
  8. I agree Cowpie. As my dad use to say “ the more stuff on em is just more stuff to break.” This is my 6th Sierra to buy from this dealership so they always take pretty good care of me. I was going to walk away as I was insisting on the extra 2000 off to get me to 20% off with my salesman. Sales Manager came out to talk to me and said they really wouldn’t be discounting the AT4’s any more till late spring unless GM increased their incentives. Both my salesman and him are pretty straight shooters. I have always enjoyed dealing with them. They are a very high volume GMC dealer. They sell 20 to 30 vehicles a day and double that amount on a Saturday. Haven’t had any other dealer come close to their prices around here. Supposedly the number one GMC dealership in the country. Wife told me to just get the truck and enjoy it if it was what I really wanted instead of waiting. Going to be my last one for awhile since I retired last Dec so I just bit the bullet and got one with everything on it. Usually just bought a SLT. Pretty nice truck though. Think I’m going to enjoy it.
  9. Bought a 2020 AT4 today Sunroof Technology pkg 6.2 liter engine Carbon Pro edition Driver alert 2 Trailer Tire pressure system LPO Assist step LPO cat back exhaust MSRP of 67760.00 No trade in. Final price of 56,872.00 after incentives so 10,888.00 off MSRP or about 16%. Tried everything I knew to get them down more but they weren’t budging. This was only one of two Carbon Pro AT4’s and they had already sold the other. They were built in October and had just arrived. Could have gotten a little more off a standard AT4, (had 71 AT4’s in stock) but they knew they would have no problem selling this one.
  10. Wow.... local dealer here has 91 AT4’s in stock. I think 82 of them are 2020 models and are advertised at over 8,000 off MSRP. That is not a “get you the door discount”. You can get more off than that. I have bought 5 trucks from them since 2012 and no one else in this area even comes close to their deals. My salesman tells me they have people fly in from all over the country to buy and drive em home. They are one of the top volume dealers in the country. https://www.everettbgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?model=Sierra 1500&trim=Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4
  11. This.....unless your constantly looking at your speedo it’s too easy to get behind someone doing under the speed limit and not notice it. My wife’s QX80 has adaptive cruise and after trying it a couple of times I never use it anymore. It has three distance sensors and even at the shortest range, it slows you down so far back of the vehicle in front of you it is just hard to sense unless people are going around you at a fast pace. To me it’s a worthless option.
  12. Sounds like the dealership misfigured the Arkansas tax. Arkansas makes you pay taxes on the extended warranty if you buy one plus you pay tax on any dealer rebates. Many states don’t. Last vehicle I bought in Texas, I tried to tell them how to figure the tax since they make you pay taxes at dealership at time of deal. Of course they still screwed it up and I had to pay the extra amt when I got the tags. They didn’t do anything shady, just got the taxes wrong.
  13. They are selling here. This is a volume dealer. They get two or three transports of vehicles a day from GM and sell several hundred vehicles a month across the GMC and Buick lineup. They don’t make their money off the deal. They make their money from GM for the amount of units they move. The more they move, the more they make. We also receive a tax credit on our trade-ins. They give you 20,000 on your trade, that’s 20,000 off the top you pay no tax on. I have bought several vehicles out of state and still get that credit when I go to license the vehicle. In Arkansas you don’t pay the tax at the dealership. You take the paperwork to the DMV and pay the tax and license the vehicle. I can assure you the discounts are legit. As I stated, their online pricing is a starting point. When I went in, they started out at 11,000 off MSRP and 1000.00 over top kbb price on my trade. Then they went up to 2000.00 on my trade. The next morning, my salesman called me and said they would come off 12,000 on the MSRP. Only reason I didn’t buy is we are looking at a new house. 2020 models will be discounted this next fall. LOL. They are a great dealership. My wife is on her 4th Infiniti QX80 we bought from their Infiniti dealership across the interstate. They also have a Chevrolet and Ford dealership. If you want to save some money, drive your trade down there and enjoy a road trip. Call my salesman, Brian Cornwell, and tell him Russell sent you. He can assure you, the prices are legit. I have bought 5 trucks from him. Good luck on your purchase no matter where you buy.
  14. I have a volume dealer about an hour from me in Arkansas. They have 16 2019 AT4’s in stock and 12 of em have 6.2engine. They have a 10,000 discount listed online for the most expensive ones. I have bought 5 pickups from them and went in a couple of months ago to trade but changed my mind. They offered me 12,000 off and 2,000 above kbb value on my trade. Right now they already have 23 2020 models in. Every one of them have the 6.2 engine. Not listing any discounts on them yet but I am sure you could get several thousand off. Looks like there is no problem for a dealer to get a 6.2 AT4 if they order them. I think your dealer is just not ordering them. They are for sure not trying to give you a deal. https://www.everettbgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&year=2020&model=Sierra 1500&trim=Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4
  15. Don’t think so....... it’s not like when they first started out. Units were plug and play. Now they are hard wired into every system of the vehicle. You try to unhook it now and your dash will light up like a Christmas tree. I am with you on not not wanting OnStar. I don’t like the aspect that GM puts it in every vehicle, makes the consumer pay for it while they sell the info it gathers. If it was a dealer option to install or not at point of sell (which it easily could be), it would not be viable for them to continue to offer it. If you holler too loud about OnStar on forums, people will just tell you to get more aluminum foil to wear. They don’t mind giving up their freedoms.
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