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  1. 2015 Silverado LT 5.3 80K kms (49k miles) So in June 2018 I went to start the truck, dash lit up, headlights on, gauges working, went to turn key, engine wont start. wont even crank. All i heard was one click from under to hood in the starter area. Tried a few more times and it eventually started after a 10-15 minutes. Took it to dealer and had them check, got the standard 'could not replicate issue to diagnose problem' so i drove her home. Three days later same issue..eventually started...back to dealer...they replaced the 'crank relay' saying that was the issue. Ok great. Two days ago went out to start the truck, same issue. Tried numerous times to start it through the day, both with key and remotely, no start, just the one click again from under the hood but radio, lights, gauges, dash all working. Thinking it could have been a bad battery tried using the boost on my battery charger, nothing, same issue. Towed it to dealer and left in the lot for the weekend. I showed up and noticed it in the shop, service advisor told me it started fine. They tried the key and remote start and both worked. They ran a test and suggested replacing the battery saying that it had failed, this might be the issue. Also said they found some funny voltage readings on the negative cable coming off of the battery and suggested that might be the issue, but what a gathered from them is that they really didn't know what it is. I drove it away and replaced battery myself as they wanted a crazy amount for a battery and install and to rule out the battery. Anyone having these issues?? I am thinking about replacing the cable as well just to rule that out too but this is a recurring issue and i don't believe the battery is the cause HELP!!! I hate getting into the truck each day wondering is this the day its going to start.....?
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