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  1. I just checked the website and it does state that the AT4 shocks are Rancho monotubes. Are those at least the better ones?
  2. I believe I read somewhere tha AT4 ( so probably thectrail boss too) have the monotone Ranchos. Can anybody verify?
  3. Look carefully to see which trims and packages have the 2 speed transfer case if you are looking for that. Many of the lower trim levels don't come with it.
  4. Best thing is when you need to get into tailgate and don't have the fob with you. Especially with locking tailgate and electronic release. More useful than ever.
  5. I personally am very impressed with the ride quality of my AT4 and wouldn't be looking to make it stiffer with a new coil over system.
  6. Wondering how this worked out. Looking to give it a try. Please let us know! Thanks.
  7. Absolutely get it. Best thing ever. I had the dealer put it on and they installed it on the paint above the door handle. I very slowly and carefully removed it and reinstalled it on the black of the B pillar where it "blends". Much better. Works perfectly. Really missed it after owning Fords in the past.
  8. Lots of posts on this. Go back through older posts. There is a trailer light control module reprogram that will probably help. Just look back through older posts.
  9. Darcy I'm not sure if I am following this thread correctly so I need to ask. What size are your tires and is your truck stock with no leveling kit. Looks great to me and sits nice. My truck is also a white AT4 with no level so I'm very curious. Thanks.
  10. I recently partially took my dash apart. I ended up taking the top tray out and the front windshield defrost grill out. The defroster grill pops out with a plastic trim tool. The center dash tray does as well once the single screw is removed. While reinstalling the screw in the dash tray I pulled back on it and tightened the screw. I then popped the defroster grill back in, the rattle seems to have stopped. At least for the time being. Now the center console squeaks of course.
  11. Can't hear anything except road noise. Even with headphones.
  12. Also having the rattle in my at4. Seems like if I pull back towards me on the center dash storage tray it seems to go away. Does this sou d like the rattle of the ducting on the bar?
  13. I believe the reprogram of the trailer light module widens the acceptable amperage draw and may help with this problem. Not positive though. I know that after changing all running lights to led problem was solved. Then I changed brake / tail lights to led problems arose due to too little draw. I added the resistors and all working at this time. Reprogram also helped with trailer disconnected issue.
  14. It would be awesome if you could find out the part number and/or show a picture of it installed.
  15. Getting around 15 to 16 in mixed driving and over 20 on the highway all on 87 octane. No noticable pinging. Seems awesome so far.
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