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  1. I love it! I have been wondering if there was something available from the older trucks that would fit the new ones. How well does that charger work? If its consistently good I may pick one up.
  2. I'm not sure how but it can be done. I will take a look at my settings. I lock the key fob in my truck all of the time. Also a point of interest, GMC has an accessory keypad (a knockoff of Ford's) that I had mounted on my door. ($250 installed at the dealer) that works great so far. You can lock or unlock the truck and therefore the tailgate without the key fob. I lock my keys in the truck all of the time and dont even need a phone to unlock.
  3. There is a lot of info on this in previous posts on pages 9 and 11, also a thread on April 8th. Check those out
  4. There is a lot of info on this in previous posts on pages 9 and 11, also a thread on April 8th. Check those out.
  5. Get the reprogram done. It will probably fix most of the problems. I pulled out most of my hair fighting with this. I am an electrician by trade and spent about 3 weeks and 30 or so hours going over every last wire on my trailer and found no problems. Changing out the lamps and the reprogram seems to have solved the problem. Not worth fighting with it until the reprogram is done. Then you can change the lamps and or add resistors to get the loads right so the app sees enough draw to know the lamps are working but not too much draw so it turns them off.
  6. Check with your dealer there is a bulletin / reprogram of the trailer light control module that will probably solve most of your issues. I had it done and it solved most of my problems along with swapping lth bulbs on my trailer.
  7. Tell the dealer there is a bulletin for the trailer light control module reprogram. The truck is very sensitive to how much load is on each circuit. Too low or too high and it shuts the circuit down. I needed to change my running lights to led to reduce the amperage this got the running lights working however when I did I also swapped the tail / brake lights to led which reduced the load too much so they wouldn't work. I needed yo add resistors to fix that. The reprogram of the trailer light control module reduces the sensitivity to help with this. There are some extensive posts about this. I believe that you can find them under cold weather electrical problems. People originally thought the problems were temperature related.
  8. Lots of good posts on trailer light issues. Look back through and you can probably find some answers. GM has an update for the trailer light control module that can probably help too.
  9. Check the other posts about trailer lighting issues. Lots of info on this. There are also issues with the trailer light control module including an update that helps with a number of issues, but the flickering is a normal part of the security system.
  10. The AT4 already has the leveling kit installed and warranties. Rides really good. Rancho shocks are an upgrade as well. Should come with most of the options you are looking for too. I added the tech package for the cameras since I tow quite a bit. Also added the 6.2 for towing and it tows well. 10 speed only available with 6.2 and seems good so far (8000 miles). It would cost a fortune to get the 5.3 to the same power and still no 10 speed. Getting as high as 23 mph on highway 20 mph in VT mountains. All depends on what your needs are.
  11. I have found the same problem in my AT4. I plan to have it checked out when the truck goes in for its next service. Very low sound output from rear speakers.
  12. Check it out with your service department. There is at least one bulletin out to "reflash" the trailer lighting control module. I believe this also helps with the "trailer connected" and " trailer disconnected" issues.
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