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  1. Trailer lights not working

    Lots of good posts on trailer light issues. Look back through and you can probably find some answers. GM has an update for the trailer light control module that can probably help too.
  2. Check the other posts about trailer lighting issues. Lots of info on this. There are also issues with the trailer light control module including an update that helps with a number of issues, but the flickering is a normal part of the security system.
  3. The AT4 already has the leveling kit installed and warranties. Rides really good. Rancho shocks are an upgrade as well. Should come with most of the options you are looking for too. I added the tech package for the cameras since I tow quite a bit. Also added the 6.2 for towing and it tows well. 10 speed only available with 6.2 and seems good so far (8000 miles). It would cost a fortune to get the 5.3 to the same power and still no 10 speed. Getting as high as 23 mph on highway 20 mph in VT mountains. All depends on what your needs are.
  4. I have found the same problem in my AT4. I plan to have it checked out when the truck goes in for its next service. Very low sound output from rear speakers.
  5. Check it out with your service department. There is at least one bulletin out to "reflash" the trailer lighting control module. I believe this also helps with the "trailer connected" and " trailer disconnected" issues.
  6. How did you get your build sheet? I would like to look at mine. Thanks in advance.
  7. Radio Disappearing Favorites

    I am having problems with my presets also. I can access them on the touch screen but when I use the steering wheel controls it shows up on the dashboard and the icon moves to the new station on the radio but the station doesnt change and the highlight goes back to the station still playing. I am only using XM at this point so I dont know if it's also a problem on AM/FM. It used to work perfectly both ways.
  8. The bulletin for the trailer module reprogram is N192213550. Have the dealer try that.
  9. There is a bulletin out about trailer light control module. Big thread about this under other heading. Guys originally thought it was related to cold weather. It shows up also as trailer disconnected message. Problem has to do with lights drawing too little or too much amperage. Took me a long time to get mine sorted out but the reprogram should help.
  10. Climate off appeared on my screen for the first time last night. Like others said the manual controls seem to still work. It didn't go away after turning the truck off. I let the truck connect to the internet and checked for updates. Said no new updates available but the screen did go back to working after. Probably not related though. Hope they find a fix soon. Also noticed that changing prest radio stations with steering wheel controls is no longer working on mine. The highlight moves over the new station and stays highlighted for a couple of seconds but station does not change then the highlight goes back to original station. Touching the screen still works though. Wonder if it is a related software issue.
  11. Just over 7000 miles. No problems yet. But now you have me nervous.
  12. Trailer lights flash

    The name of the other thread I was referring to is cold weather errors ( trailer connections). Lst post was Apri 8.
  13. Trailer lights flash

    That link is very informative and would have been very helpful to me about a month ago. I through a ton of trial and error figured out that my trailer lights need to have just the right amount of load for everything to work correctly. A little tip, if you have LED lights and are seeing error being detected by your trailer light test adding a resistor to the circuit fixed my brake light problem. On my running lights circuit my trailer had 17 incandescent lights and they would all turn on for 1 second and then turn off every time I tried them. The trailer test showed a running light problem. I swapped all 17 out for LEDs to reduce the load and that seems to have solved my problem. So it is very important to reach the right balance for the trailer light control module to see enough load to know that the light is working but not to overload so the module shuts the circuit off. Can be tricky. There is also an update out to "reflash" the module. I dont remember the number but it listed near the end of the cold weather electrical problem thread. My local dealer did the update as well. So far dont seem to have problems. Waiting for first long trip with the trailer to see if it is all solved.
  14. I notice that since my truck updated to 803 I keep getting the prompt to accept or decline almost every time I start the truck. It's really annoying and I'd doesn't matter if I accept terms or decline it just comes back next time. Does anyone know how to stop this?
  15. It doesn't matter if you accept or not. It keeps coming back. I also have the 803 update and it is still happening. I have also been to the dealer and had the brake recall and the trailer light control module reflashed. No change.

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