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  1. My research was inconclusive. After reading it could be a number of things ranging from power steering or suspension issues to outside temperature, I’ve decided to remove the 2.5 spacer level and replace with the bilstein 5100’s everybody raves about. The clicking began soon after the level was installed. What I learned about gm changing to the stamped steel uca’s in mid 2016 convinced me I needed to make a change. Limited budget lead me to conclude I’d get more bang for my buck at the sacrifice of some ride height up front if I go with Bilstein’s rather than full level and UCA replacement. Figured if I get more rake than desired at least I’ve upgraded from the Rancho’s. I’m having them installed tomorrow. The shop will also rate all suspension joints on wear and give me a report. My plan is to install just the Bilstein front struts on highest setting; which will lower current height by just over 1/2” from my understanding, and will relax the angles significantly. Hopefully the rake won’t be too much ??. Fyi, I have about 7- 9 k miles on the level and with the “clicking” noise. I’ll update later in week after I get it back and have driven it a bit.
  2. Please post pics and parts information when done. I didn’t think there were parts available to make this switch possible. Mine isn’t as tight a fit as preferred and need to make some adjustments yet. I also added a cover to the area just in front of the cup holder which creates another out of sight storage area. Cover can be purchased on amazon for cheap.
  3. I’m experiencing same issue after 2.5 level instal. Did you get this solved and what was the specific steering part or issue needing fixed? Thanks.
  4. I’ve been experiencing a “clicking” in my steering at tight turns when parking. This began shortly after a 2.5” level instal on 2016 Sierra. I’ve had suspension looked at twice, along with the alignment after instal. No concluded damaged parts. My research is indicating it to be a cv joint issue, but boot isn’t leaking, or possibly electronic power steering issue. If I gather more definitive info I’ll post it.
  5. Actually fed it down from the top after drilling opening. I then removed the “floor” (it’s like 5/6 screws) of main console compartment, fed a wire with a hook bent on the end, aided by a mirror and flashlight, up to where it was dropped, hooked the chord and pulled it back through. Had to drill another hole through previously removed console “floor” piece, another through the little deep tray of the console and that was it. I believe you would need to remove the entire center console to get access to feed it up from the bottom as there’s no access point other than the removable floor. I think the key to the little hack is the right angle charger chords I have. I highly recommend them. I’m sure some would think this is kinda dumb but I’m a bit ocd about clutter so I love cheap little hacks like this that clean things up.
  6. I know it’s an old thread but I’m considering a minor mod to a “16” cup holder. There’s a video on youtube of a guy modifying (for firearm concealment) by adding magnets to the side in the tab holes for quick release, which I think is a clean idea. I would want do it similar but not exactly the same. I recently rerouted a charger cable through the console so the cup holder was removed in the process. It got me considering the mod while the cup holder is out. The storage is simply too valuable to go to waste. I’ve included pics I took while I deliberate my next steps. Hope they are helpful, if anyone gets on this 4 yr old thread!
  7. I’m having difficulty finding tubular side rails that will work with the factory sportbar (rollbar) on my 2016 Sierra All Terrain X. The only thing I’ve found is the Black Horse aftermarket sportbar which includes exactly what I’m looking for but isn’t sold separately (at least its not listed separately). With the Sport bars becoming so popular of recent I’m surprised no one seems to be carrying them. Of course the thought of modifying full length ones has crossed my mind, but that requires more resources than than I have to work with. If anyone has a lead it would be greatly appreciated! See pics of current ride and what I’m looking for.
  8. 2016 gmc sierra 1500, all terrain I'm also looking into this upgrade except I want it all: - PKE (passive keyless entry) - push button start - bluetooth enabled via smartphone Despite the insight and information offered in this thread I'm not yet ready to concede this can't be done to a "16". I would think that with the remote unlock and start options within the mygmc (mychevy) apps, the technology and communication ability must be in place. Are any of you familiar with "innovative ignition systems"? They offer this very package but haven't been able to verify credibility. See link below. Responses welcome. They only other product advertised with these options was through Walmart. https://www.innovativeignitionsystems.com/gsm-31-rfid
  9. I removed it from my previous Silverado (still sitting beside the house, any takers?) but so far it doesn’t strike me as out of place as on the Sierra. Maybe I will eventually. As for the Sport bar plates; they blocked the blindspot, infringed side access to the bottom bed anchors and created a wind vibration on the highway. I plan to tow the trailer this summer, hence prefer best line of sight as possible but will eventually reinsert them just to change it up a bit in the future. Overall I’m more of a less is more kinda guy but I do have ideas for the sport bar serving more of a utility role beyond lights. I like that I have the options to change things up from time to time.
  10. I went with the 2.5 motofab. Love how it turned out but now, after an alignment, I notice movement in the steering wheel and what feels like a consistent bump in the wheel. I like’n it to the feel of the new Iphone X when quickly scanning. Iphone X folks will know what I’m talking about. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. I’m still contemplating between 2 and 2.5 motofab. Do any of you who went 2[sh] wish you had gone higher?
  12. dcarl, Thanks for input. Rancho’s were stock and I won’t be upgrading for a while. I have read of many who have installed the bilstein 5100’s, in fact many recommend them it seems. I’m hoping to keep the ride quality as unchanged as possible.
  13. Nice. I like how that sits. Gives me a pretty good idea of what mine would look like. Thanks for posting!
  14. Looking to instal a 2.5 level on my 2016 Sierrra All Terrain Dbl cab. Wanted to see before and after pics of different brands installed before finalizing my decision. Please post pics, brand, ride experience changes. Also, any insight as to rancho shock compatibility is also welcomed. Thanks! Pic is current.
  15. Looks bigger than the narrower original. How’s the quality? Is that on Tungsten Metallic? Black version looks sharp on it! Thanks for posting pics.
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