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  1. Exactly. Message received, thank you very much. Is there any way to level the front with the back at this point?
  2. I just purchased and installed a 3.5" rough country suspension lift with new UCA's and upper and lower ball joints. All is well. Alignment is perfect, doesn't shake. I'm happy with it. However, the front still sits about an inch lower than the back. Question for you guys is how, if at all possible, can I level it out? Thanks!
  3. I came into this video thinking "no way in hell am I going to watch an entire 8 minute video about cameras" and let me tell you, I want more!
  4. This was happening to my '14 silverado. Took it to the shop. Turns out my brake fluid was low and brake line was leaking. Had to get it repaired. I'd start there. Other things that were happening due to this included my stabilitrak and traction control turning off/on.
  5. This started happening to me a few weeks ago. After some research I found my brake fluid to be low. Took it to the shop, truck needed new rotors, new pads, and new brake fluid. Since then, the e brake light has been off. I'd take it to the shop for a brake / brake line inspection and see if they come up with anything.
  6. I'm thinking of getting a Rough Country 3.25 in. Suspension & Body Lift Kit with 255/70r18s. Is this tire size good, or should I stick with the stock size of 265/65r18? Also, what is the biggest tire size I can go without rubbing? I'm a weekend off roader, truck is a daily driver. I put ~50 miles on it a day between work and home and running around. I understand thinner tires are best for regular off roading. My last truck was an '05 silverado with a 2" leveling kit and I stuck with stock size and never had an issue, but thinking of running 255/70's this go around. My truck is a 2014 5.3L V8 LTZ Z71 Silverado. Will be getting Falken Wildpeaks A/T3W's. Thanks for the assistance!
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