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  1. My Silverado is a Base model 2017 WT. Currently have a new 2016 LTZ grill that i bought tobget paint matched so its primered not chrome. However when i try to attach the three main trim peices these inserts have nowhere to enter beside some molds that are where a cutout is suppose to be? Thats the only thing i need is to be able to assemble it all because i want to vinyl wrap it before i install on truck.
  2. Remote Start added to Silverado 2017 WT

    Im kind of leaning on keeping my Truck Factory for the most part. Ive found kits for remote start that come with the remotes and plug in harness. That wont work unless ive already had a keyless entry fob before? I know theres fobs witout the remotes start circle arrow and ones with it
  3. Hey there, i Own a 2017 Silverado 1500 WT Singlecab. Currently am trying to figure out how one would add remote start. My Truck came without keyless entry but does have power locks. The windows however are manual. Would I have to add the keyless entry kit first to be able to add on the remote start kit? Also would it be best to buy and install at dealer or maybe buy part online and take to dealers and have installed?

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