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  1. I got +18 offset, I would say they stick out about 1-2” from the fenders, they do rub on the UCAs at full lock, (slightly) but they do not rub in the wheel wells, I also didn’t cut my bump stops, but I’m going to and I can get back to you if they still rub on the UCAs, I also want to try MotoFabs UCAs they’re brand new and made for their leveling kits, they might not rub on the UCAs
  2. 2.5” motofab leveling kit with Ready lift UCAs, 20x9 Moto Metals wrapped w/ 33” nittos
  3. 20x9 Moto Metals 33 nittos 2.5 motofab leveling kit Ready lift Upper control arms Tinted headlights/fogs
  4. Running a 2018 Silverado 2.5 MotoFab leveling kit w/ready lift upper control arms on 20x9 Moto Metal Rims and 33’’ nittos. No rubbing at full lock.
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