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  1. Good afternoon all! I just received the above recall. I previously received the recall regarding the vacuum pump, but because I was over in mileage, GM would do nothing (even though I have been complaining about the braking issue since I purchased the truck new). My question, if anyone would like to give their input......the dealership, I have booked at, state they have no idea. Is......how can we go from replacing the vacuum pump (my cost would of been $600+), to now only needing calibration? I had temporarily solved my braking issue, by having the oil changed more often, as the brakes were terrible, below 25% oil change notice. I was doing this, as I argued with the dealership, and GM about this problem, that I felt they should cover. I just do not comprehend how we can now just need calibration?? I'm so disappointed in GM.....have been a Chevy owner only since I was 19......in my late 50's now. I honestly don't see my next vehicle being a GM product (especially as the salesman and dealership have been our dealership for 20+years and wouldn't back me either). Next vehicle won't be a truck, so already looking into crossovers, in other makes......I digress. Just a disappointed truck owner!!
  2. Received my notice this week. Called the dealership. Nope, they can't do anything, as I am over the mileage. They gave me GM customer service. Called them. They escalated to a supervisor. Supervisor called yesterday. GM will no repair. Even though, I have voiced my concerns at each maintenance I did at two different dealerships (I just was told everything looks fine, and no recalls). GM now says, because I didn't explicitly have the vehicle in for an evaluation of the issue, they won't even look at helping me. That if they made the exception for one person, then they would have to make more exceptions. I guess it takes the death, or serious injuries for them to relent and repair? I am in Ontario, Canada. As it is, I have been using a private garage lately, as both dealerships were more concerned with upsale, vs repair of the vehicle. I will take it to him, to see the price of repair. Does anyone else in Ontario, have any other direction I can proceed to push for this repair to be covered?
  3. I already talked to our dealership (I have been complaining about this since 2015). Kept getting brushed off, that there is no recalls. Now, I am over the mileage, and dealership says "sorry".....I have escalated to GM customer service. Fingers crossed that they will do something....especially since I have been questioning the brakes for so long. And......we have had one tiny fender bender, because the truck didn't stop, when backing into a parking spot.....and the big one.....hubby was driving through a round a bout, and tried to stop for oncoming traffic and couldn't. Frigg
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