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  1. This is at the core of the issue for me. The noise is coming from a flexing of a body panel. The sidesteps simply act as a lever arm on the body panel and cause it to flex more dramatically. Removing the side steps doesn't fix the root cause but has certainly eliminated the symptom.
  2. Still noise free for several weeks after removing the side steps. I'm getting used to doing the right buttcheek shimmy dance getting in. Funny thing is, now that the most annoying noise in gone, I hear every other little noise throughout the truck LOL. Not complaining though because that stupid pillar rattle was driving me loco. Good luck guys.
  3. Sorry to hear that. Could be multiple different things that may or may not happen in any particular truck, and everyone is describing it as a rattle in that area. I posted a couple other noises I found earlier in the thread. They were there but not as loud as the body panel flex noise that went away when I took off the steps. What does your sound like? Is it a metallic clicking sound or just a general vibration? If you remove the pillar cover, about half way down, there's a metal seat belt guide that looks brass. It is mounted in there sloppy with way too much play. I want to slap the guy who designed it. Bottom line is it can rattle into the sheet metal behind it. If that happens to be your noise, all I did was put some double sided sticky tape behind it as a cushion/gasket so it doesn't directly hit metal on metal.
  4. Yep 10 days straight with no noise and I had the noise EVERY day. There's definitely some popping or creaking sound when the rocker panel flexes. The only tie in with the sides steps is that they stick out and as you drive down the road they're vibrating up and down and flexing the mount stop over and over. So I actually didn't fix the root cause of the noise, but removing the side steps is one less thing flexing that metal so the symptoms are gone at least. When I replace this truck, I'll bite the bullet and buy the Amp Research power steps. 99% of the time, they'll be tucked under the mount point as opposed to be a fulcrum the repeatedly flexes the metal in and out.
  5. Hi guys, I am looking at trading in for a new AT4 with the 6.2L engine option. I was wondering if anyone knew if the larger engine resulted in more front end rake. Trying to plan for leveling kit options and bigger tires. Thanks in advance.
  6. I took the side steps off and my rattle is gone. I'm as giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Now I have to perfect my vertically challenged right butt cheek shimy dance getting in and out. My truck is about 6 years old and I've been thinking about trading in for the AT4. I truly believe that the rocker panels are not thick enough for the steps that stick out from the truck all the time. They supported my 200 lbs easily. But as you drive down the road, that step sticking out there all the time is simply a fulcrum that vibrates up and down with every imperfection in the road. And with every vibration, the mount points flex the panels in and out. After 5+ years of this process, mine started popping and creeking. If it hasn't happened yet for you, I believe it's only a matter of time before it does. I think the folks that have the steps that mount directly under the door and only have the mini steps sticking out, I think you will be fine because the vast majority of the weight is more directly below the mount points. That will minimize the fulcrum effect when going down the road. For that very reason, if I get the new AT4, I'm getting the AMP steps. Those don't waste as much of your valuable clearance either. And lastly, it just looks cooler tucked under, especially when it's lifted. Good luck guys. Take care, Rob
  7. I tried torquing down the body mount bolts on my side steps and it did seem to make a difference this time. The one issue I am having is that I cannot really torque them down well because the cheap U-brackets that came with the steps only grip a couple threads on the bolts so I may have stripped them. Gonna go to the hardware store and see if I can find some brackets that have more threads and possibly have more surface area for gripping the body panel. When I move the steps, I can see a lot of flexing of the sheet metal and can hear a very distinct popping/cracking type sound. I wish there was a way to have frame mounted steps or at the very least, I wish GM made this rocker panel with thicker metal. OR just reinforced the mounting locations that they knew people are going to attach steps.
  8. I'll see if I can do that but it may be quite difficult to hear in a video clip. Does anyone know of side steps that mount to the frame as opposed to the body? Is that even such a thing?
  9. Okay my noise seems to be directly related to the body flex under the driver's side door area. It was happening to me at speeds as slow as 10 MPH so as crazy as it looked, I drove down a non level road with the driver side door OPEN and I stuck my leg out and placed it on the side step as I drove. Just a little pressure down on the side step with my leg made the noise go away completely. Good thing I didn't drive by a cop LOL. I don't know what the solution is however. Clearly, I can't drive with one leg out the truck! Maybe unmounting the step and remounting it will make a difference but it seems it would probably come back even if that worked for a while. The other thing I may consider is if I can find some strips of sheet metal that I can place between the step mount and the body that may distribute the pressure on the body mounting spot more than just the point where the bolt attaches. At this point I don't care how ghetto it seems if this stupid noise goes away.
  10. If you hear anything back, please post because my warranty is up in less than 3 months. So I'm sure someone will figure it out in 4 months.
  11. Mine is getting worse and it happens going as low as 10 MPH. So basically it happens 95% of the time- infuriating.
  12. I laid on my back under the driver's side sidestep to try and see if I could find a source of noise under there. For those who have asked about torquing down the sidesteps, it changed nothing for me. While I was under there, I pushed up the sidestep from below with a pretty good amount of force. Then I pulled down on it. There was only a slight amount of movement with the flexion of the body piece it is mounted to. When I pulled it down, I could hear a very obvious metal popping sound, almost like a piece of sheet metal was going from being biased in one direction to the other. Kind of like something popping from concave to convex if that helps imagine it. I saw nothing actually moving from my vantage point. It sounded like the popping sound was coming from inside the hollow metal volume above where the sidestep is mounted. If that's the case, that's not good at all folks. It may mean that after years of flexing because of the pull down on the sidestep has maybe caused a deformation of a piece of sheet metal inside that hollow cavity. And as the truck moves down the road, and the sidestep bounces slightly up and down, it is applying a mild torque on that deformed piece of sheet metal. That could explain that popping or rattling sound. What I was doing under the truck was not representative of what happens on the road. I was probably doing a 250 lb bench press upward on the sidestep and then pulling back down. That is an major exaggeration of the tiny up and down movement of the step on the road. That could explain why I heard a more pronounced popping sound as opposed to a simple rattle. I think the next step in troubleshooting would be to unmount the side step and drive it around, thus eliminating the up and down torque applied by the weight of the step on the underside body panels. I hate to do that because I'm not a really tall guy and I don't want to live without my step if that makes the noise go away.
  13. Good news and bad news. I've have the source of 2 noises, but apparently there's a 3rd source I haven't found yet LOL. And that 3rd source is the most prominent one that is annoying. One source is the seat belt guide about half way up the pillar. It's a brass looking guide that in GM's infinite wisdom was made with WAY to much freedom of movement. The bottom flat part of it literally sits in direct contact with the sheet metal behind it. You can easily made a rattle happen by simply moving the seat belt with your hand and the brass guide just hits the sheet metal on and off. The second source is more of a plastic rattle sound and comes from the adjustable sliding mechanism that goes up and down to adjust for driver height of the top of the seatbelt. For both of these, double sided sticky tape is your friend. The kind that is thicker and almost spongy like you would use to hang a small lightweight picture on the wall. I cut some small strips of the tape and put it behind the brass guide so that the guide sticks to the tape and no longer hits the sheet metal. As an added benefit, the guide no longer has any play at all, which is good. I also used some double sided tape strips on and around the adjustable piece where I thought it would stop plastic movement. The downside is that the thing is no longer adjustable. But I don't care because I'm the only one who drives my truck and I picked a spot for it about 75% of the way up to pretty much accommodate any driver for the most part without needing to be moved. I think the remaining source is not in the pillar but somewhere down underneath and the noise if transmitting up the pillar as an acoustical conduit of sorts, making it seem like it is coming from the pillar. But maybe you are lucky. Maybe one of the 2 I found are the only ones you have happening in your truck. The search continues... Take care, Rob
  14. I'll tell you what guys. I am usually a very calm and cool headed dude. But this noise has me about to take a sledgehammer to my truck. I can't imagine what people think when they see me on the road screaming at the top of my lungs at this thing.
  15. Update on my trouble shooting. Some spoke about the side steps. I had already remounted my sidesteps but took another look. I took my hands and shook the hell out of the driver side step and heard a very similar noise. I had a friend shake the step while I sat in the driver's seat with the door closed and heard a similar noise. I'm not saying the side step is causing this noise but it at least replicated the symptoms pretty closely. With that said, my step is body mounted so clearly flexing the body under that pillar area may be the trigger. I'm wondering if that body mount (not the step mount, but the actual body mount) behind the center of the step could be the source of the problem, and the noise simply radiates through the under body and up the pillar's metal channel. Take care, Rob
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