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  1. Damn...too bad not for the standard bed. Ugh and I’m close too.lol.
  2. Yea but remember how that 6.0 shit all over that ram 6.4 going up that big hill. In theory though it should do better but I don’t fully believe in the whole replacement for displacement. It will be interesting to see the comparison to the 7.3 gasser.... for some reason I see the 6.6 doing just as good.lol
  3. The real test I wanna see is load it up at max towing from the outgoing 6.0 to see how much better it really is.....that was like 13.5k-14k.
  4. That a good price for that truck, you couldn’t find a 2011-2014 lml in my area with that mileage at that price
  5. Jesus ....I only wish I could fill up for $1.79. Lol. My debit card shuts off at $100.....which might get 3/4 tank [emoji17]
  6. My father is a general contractor and his pickups have always been red. His dump truck and debris boxes are red as well. When you keep things nice people notice. He’s known around town for having “ those nice looking shiny red trucks”. To me that’s positive advertisement. Let’s face it though.....crocs and socks in public is just a bad call all around.lol
  7. I will always own a red truck....end of story
  8. Wouldn’t surprise me if that exhaust is a carryover from the last model year....which has been the same since 2011 [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. I’m near the coast and no e85 in sight.lol. I’d love to take advantage of the extra powa and 8 mpgs
  10. If you have a 6.0 then yes the mileage you are reporting is fairly spot on.
  11. I can accurately say mine doesn’t get great fuel mileage with 4.10’s. [emoji2375]
  12. You might win the mpg game but your not making 472tq stock with a 6.0L
  13. My average on stocks at this moment is 15-17 on hwy doing roughly 65-70mph and 11-12 town. Average bout 8 towing our toyhauler. So that 6.6 on the hwy and towing seems to be on par with the 6.0. With bigger wheels/tires I’m roughly 10-11 town, 14-15 hwy, nearly the same towing as with stocks which is odd.lol.
  14. So basically the same numbers as the 6.0. Only thing I can see different is the in town driving. Not too bad considering it has 40 more hp’s and 80 more ftlbs. You also gotta factor the 3.73’s.
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