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  1. So it basically get the same as a 6.0 if not worse.lol. I guess on the flip side it is making more hp/tq but it’s also using 3.73’s instead of 4.10’s. Seems like more coulda been brought to the table.
  2. Clay, polish, ceramic coat, film, ceramic coat.....like a boss [emoji1421]
  3. Bumping this to see if anyone has installed this kit. Want to know how it sounds...interior and exterior. Looking for a little sound with no drone. Thanks!
  4. I like how everyone is freaking out about this belt change at 150k when you know damn well your only keepin it till the warranty goes out.lol
  5. I’d say the only thing that would stop me from owning a ford is that death wobble b.s. that seems kinda sketchy.lol
  6. Depends on how the truck is setup but I believe max towing is somewhere around 9300 lbs
  7. Nice idea but how u gonna strap anything down in the bed?
  8. Yup, they make coatings for plastic. I’ve used 22ple coatings with great results. Keeps plastic black for roughly 12-18 months. Really depends on the climate.
  9. 303 is good stuff but for long term.....ceramic coat wins.
  10. Pretty good with just a tune making over 400 hp and 460 ftlbs at the rear wheels
  11. I found in my 17 6.0, it seems to do its best work around the 3-3500 rpm range which is like 4th I believe. I do wish it had a lil more down low because in a good wind with the trailer, it seems to lock into 4th and it won’t come out. It’s annoying at times. Oh well.lol
  12. Yea that red one had 3.55’s. Either way I think that ford still would have burned the 6.6.
  13. Well the chief engineer did say it will haul at max capacity day in and day out, guess that’s how the truck can do it.lol
  14. That truck is not “ underpowered” [emoji6]
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