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  1. That’s cuz everyone from California is moving there.lol
  2. In Northern California we’re just shy of $4 per gal. In some locations a few months back while traveling south I’ve seen upwards of $5.75 for premium.
  3. The one thing they got right though is putting the large fuel tanks on the 6.0 HD’s because I’d hate to fill up every 80 miles [emoji23]
  4. A new diesel pickup isnt gettin much better mpgs with the same weight. Maybe 11-12
  5. That’s pretty cool....I have a 2017 LTZ with the 6.0, still has low miles....only 12k. I like seeing low mileage trucks like that though
  6. Too bad it’s just a much larger truck in general....kind of a turn off for me as it won’t fit in my garage. Pretty crazy though with how capable that lil small block is.
  7. I wanted to find a 2014 Sierra hd with that kind of mileage, but in red. It never happened though [emoji17]
  8. They make different styles, some overlap like yours....usually the nicer ones do this and some just sit on top of the bed rails, usually entry level caps. Leers are going to do the same thing depending on how nice of a unit you want. I used to sell ARE some years back and I can tell you that the paint quality will be superior to Leer....at least that was the case when I was selling them.
  9. Prob hard to notice back there when you make over 550hp and the thing weighs like 4000lbs [emoji23][emoji23]. I bet that is a fun truck [emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Yes, that’s what I gathered. Although it didn’t say wether or not duramax. I assumed a gas since duramax is functional already
  11. Interesting find at Sema I found for you 6.6 gas folks....
  12. Those figures are prob in a double cab 2wd. The payload sticker on the truck in this thread says 1600. I’m not saying it’s not a capable 1/2 ton, I just find it odd that all the diesels 1/2 tons are less capable than their gas counterparts. Isn’t the point of the diesel to have more capability?? Idk.lol I did end up purchasing a 2017 Silverado 2500hd. Toyhaulers are very tongue heavy and I hated the way my 2011 Sierra 1500 hauled it.[emoji106]
  13. That diesel sure does kill any potential for a capable pickup. I would be able to hook up my small toyhauler.....empty.... with 4 people in the cab and be overweight.lol.
  14. Idk, I work for our local gov’t and we have a large fuel station. Whatever regular fuel it has isn’t very good. We have a couple 2015 L96’s and they run like complete crap on the stuff
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