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  1. I’ve had it on for 9 months and haven’t cleaned it [emoji2375] It’s a little dusty, not bad though. I pull it off every time I wash my truck
  2. I have the pro x15 on my Silverado. Love the look of canvas over leather. Sits damn near flush too. Can’t comment about its ability to keep out water because I don’t drive my truck in the rain.lol
  3. Not surprised as a current 5.3 is rated to tow more, which seems silly.
  4. If you can handle the sub par fuel mileage, there are no other downfalls to buying an hd gasser for your needs.
  5. Mine is the same....normal operating range is around 210, I’ve never seen it go below or really above it either.
  6. I am quite surprised at how many people tow that heavy with the 6.0. In all honesty, I couldn’t imagine hauling much more than the setup I have without going to a duramax. Good to see that these trucks can take the abuse though
  7. I heard that nnbs 1500 07-13 headers work for 2500hds...can’t be certain thiugh
  8. He had whipple set it up.....they are only about 3 hours south of us
  9. Damn......that’s a load. Our toyhauler is only around 8k loaded up. Like you, were only hauling that 5-6 times a year, that’s why I opted for the 6.0. Friend of ours has a lifted 17’ HD 6.0 on 40’s with a whipple and he can roast the tires [emoji51]
  10. Tbh....I bet it would do it. That engine ain’t afraid to work. Slap a whipplecharger on there and let er eat. [emoji1687]
  11. Well I wanna say max towing is somewhere around the 14k mark.....so after that you are overloading the truck.
  12. Let’s not even go there with boats [emoji849][emoji15]
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