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  1. The exact route I took. Really wanted a 2011-2014 Sierra duramax, but finding one in red, fully loaded, super low miles was to difficult. Found a nice 17’ gas with everything I wanted and the price I wanted to pay. Mine sits in the garage pretty much all the time. 3 years old and 12k on the odometer.lol.
  2. Idk....maybe a good set of coilovers and control arms, but at that rate, might as well do a 4 inch lift....which will prob be the closest to stock riding.
  3. Yea my distribution bars weren’t cranked and I have a 4 inch cst with no lift in the rear.lol. I have since then added the 1 inch block.
  4. Yea she only 25 overall. I think around 5500 dry. The truck handles it well....you have think about the fact that the duramax has 2x the torque and has that extra 500lbs over the front axle. This truck will bounce on some good bumps without load distribution. With the sway and distribution bars it handles very well. It will pull any grade all day, it’s just going to do it in 3rd-4th gear.
  5. Our toyhauler weighs like 8k loaded. I personally would go to about 10k before I considered a diesel. Really depends on where you are hauling. Relatively flat area, the gas should be fine. Not that it won’t haul in the mountains, but too me I don’t care to hear the motor screaming all the time. I can handle mine for the trips we take. Doing it frequently, I’d get bothered.
  6. I have a 2017 HD gasser. Most of the time I am happy with the purchase. I needed the extra capacity of the 3/4 but I’m not towing a lot of the time. Wanted a diesel, would still like a diesel, but it just didn’t make sense for me. Sits in my garage 90% of the time except for small runs around town.
  7. Have a set of weathertech flaps off my 2017 Silverado HD pickup. Bought the truck with them so they roughly have 2k miles on them. Like new in great shape. Part #s 120035 and 110035. $40 plus shipping.
  8. Looking to part ways with an exhaust system I made for my 2017 Silverado hd 6.0. Started life as a duramax exhaust and then I added a few things to make it fit my 6.0. It’s all 4 inch 304 stainless. I had it reduced to 3.5 on the ends for my muffler...not included in the kit. Has a nice Vibrant resonator on it as well. Had it tig welded and smoothed out so I could polished it. Went a different route so no longer needed. I am about $800 into it, looking to get $400 plus the ride.
  9. I’m lifted and there is about 3/16-1/4 of difference between mine.[emoji2375]
  10. Too bad it wasn’t red cuz I’d buy the ****** outta that. Nice truck [emoji1419]
  11. Yea the trailer capacity isn’t bad but you can’t do a whole lot with 1500lbs of capacity. I mean our toyhauler has around 750lbs of tongue weight empty, that doesn’t leave a whole lot left, maybe enough for 2-3 people and a tank of gas
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