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  1. 6.6 gas

    I believe once ford drops the numbers for the 7.3 plus that 10 speed it won’t be long before something changes with the 6.6 and 6 speed. I guess time will tell how they both perform though.
  2. Paint issue

    That’s great news...seeing those better pictures I would have for sure lost my shit. Those are some serious defects.[emoji15]
  3. Paint issue

    If my new truck came in that I spent 60k of my hard earned money on and seen those problem areas, I would not have accepted it. Granted nothing is perfect, but there is no way my brand new truck is getting repainted
  4. Paint issue

    I’d want a new truck personally.
  5. Paint issue

    If those flaws were just in the clear and not base coat that body shop is making a killing.lol Edit...just seen the last pic. The first two look easy, but that last one is debatable.
  6. 22’s on ‘17 Duramax

    I would not put XL tires on an HD. I’m sure some other folks would chime in against that as well.
  7. 22’s on ‘17 Duramax

    I would think....like I said if your really concerned, could go with 285/50
  8. 22’s on ‘17 Duramax

    Stock height With CST 3-6
  9. 22’s on ‘17 Duramax

    I have 22x10’s and 33/12.5 ridge grapplers. I put them on my truck stock and in the front I would have only needed to trim a 1x1 piece out of the front bumper for them to clear. My wheels are a -24 offset as well. Why not do a. 285/50/22....only 11.6 wide. Should be able to clear those leveled on a -18 offset wheel.
  10. Should I Go Diesel?

    Rear shackles and adjust front to match. I don’t have any regrets in lifting though. I knew that I wasn’t gonna get any good fuel mileage lifting or leveling my 17 6.0 so f...k it.
  11. Why would u want it to spin merging into traffic?
  12. Any updates on this??
  13. Detailing products

    Optimum has great products, been using power clean for many years. Their ONR is a nice product as well. I’m kinda partial to the waterless wash method, maybe for classic cars or something that sits in the garage forever. I will stick to foam/ph balanced water/soap 2 bucket method. Last thing you wanna do is screw up the wash which imo is the most crucial. A poor wash will ruin a nice corrected finish in no time.

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