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  1. You can get a 285/50 which is a 33.5/11.7 and it’s E rated
  2. Ehh... I have 33/12.5/22 ridge graps and they don’t ride too terrible imo.
  3. I have it in my truck and I think it rocks pretty good [emoji2375].
  4. The lift company is CST and the lift is adjustable 3-6 inches.
  5. I’m lifted with 22’s and get 11 ish, only drops to single digits towing.
  6. Yep, fuel mileage sucks. Mine actually did pretty well all stock. 13 around town and 17 hwy. Now I get 11 and 14. Lol. I don’t drive it everyday, if I did I wouldn’t have it.lol.
  7. Haven’t been a member here long but thoughts and prayers for ya. Fight the good fight.[emoji1421]
  8. Early 8.1’s drink oil....with ours as well as many others they put the rings on wrong from factory apparently, or so the dealership said.lol
  9. I’m around the 9 mark when pulling our toyhauler which is roughly 5500 empty, usually pulling it when it’s around 6-7k lbs.
  10. Personally I don’t think it’s as slow as everyone makes it out to be. It’s not a race truck though either. You also have to consider it weighs a lot more than a 1500. Funny thing is I get identical fuel mileage towing as my 1500 with 5.3 and it does it much better.
  11. This 6.0 gasser will haul that load up 8% grade with the pedal to the floor for however long you want it to, and it will stop it as well. That’s why I bought one. If the OP is using this truck as a daily though, we all know the HD gets terrible mpgs.lol
  12. Our trailer has roughly 700lbs tongue weight dry. Def need airbags which I had and weight distribution for a 1500. I would also like to add that having the sway bar is also a must.
  13. Depends on the travel trailer. We have a toyhauler and that’s kind of a different ball game. Lots of tongue weight, it’s wide and tall. It’s like towing a parachute.lol. Had a 2011 with the 5.3 and 3.42’s. It pulled ok, but always shifting in and out of gears. Really seemed like it had to work hard for it. Our trailer is 25ft overall.
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