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  1. Yea that’s wierd. Hopefully it’s something simple.
  2. Impressive in my book. I know a lot of people dog on the 6.0/6L90 but they can take the abuse.
  3. Pretty good pulling that kind of weight up that grade at 50 mph. [emoji2375]
  4. Yea that be sweet, idk if I mentioned it in another thread but keeping a basically stock L96, but boring out to 6.2 or 6.6. Would be interested in seeing those numbers if anyone has done something like that
  5. I also pondered this swap....would be cool if it worked but sounds like it won’t.lol Edit only because I can’t fit a larger truck in the garage.......way to go gm for making an even larger truck [emoji849]
  6. We had an 01 8.1, they put the rings in wrong so a new motor at 30k. We also had an 06 with the 6 speed, that was a sweet truck. I think most would agree the the 6.6 needs 4.10’s or a different trans.
  7. I wouldn’t even care about the worse fuel mileage.....if they’d make a modern 8.1 and Allison I’d buy.
  8. Yea borla definitely has the gm sound figured out....corsa does as well.
  9. Never been a flow master guy, to me they seem to do more bad than good. I got a borla s type system for my 6.0 and it sounds awesome.
  10. Damn....bummer. Not sure of the circumstances but I’d imagine that kind of power in snow could be sketchy.
  11. Seems like all those things do is make it really loud inside the cab....but if that’s what your going for, I’m sure you could make something relatively cheap [emoji2375]
  12. Mine had all the skid plates....but wasn’t a z71. With z71 u should get hill decent control
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