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  1. Wish they would make them for larger wheels. Oh well.
  2. [emoji106][emoji106] for all the guys that have issues with them, there are plenty that go 100-200k miles without a glitch, usually it’s the folks running them hard.
  3. Not when it throws a code, de-rates and leaves you on the side of the road ruining your 3k mile camping excursion [emoji2957]
  4. I can pull 8k pounds from sea level to 6500ft with my 17 6.0 in 90 degree heat... 4th gear and my trans at its highest temp was 196. I think I only heard my truck fan turn on once.lol. I’d start getting concerned around the 240 mark......but like that lead engine developer guy from gm said....”it will pull day in and day out at max towing”
  5. The new 6.6 is 8 cylinders all the time with direct injection. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one. Gm had to make it perfect because it had to replace a great, reliable motor.
  6. Sweet build, that thing has gotta be fun.lol imo though, I think the badging kinda brings it down, wierd to have old and new looking ones together.idk. Then again I’m not a fan of any badges so [emoji2375]
  7. At wide open throttle, little to no difference in sound. At start up, idle and cruising it’s a quieter.
  8. Def owned by an older gentlemen who didn’t drive it much.lol. Nice find[emoji106]
  9. Aside from the shit fuel mileage it’s a great truck. Sure we all want more out of our trucks, but for what it is, it does fine.
  10. That’s cuz everyone from California is moving there.lol
  11. In Northern California we’re just shy of $4 per gal. In some locations a few months back while traveling south I’ve seen upwards of $5.75 for premium.
  12. The one thing they got right though is putting the large fuel tanks on the 6.0 HD’s because I’d hate to fill up every 80 miles [emoji23]
  13. A new diesel pickup isnt gettin much better mpgs with the same weight. Maybe 11-12
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