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  1. Anyone just want these? Tired of them sitting in my garage. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. I mean they already get shitty fuel mileage [emoji2375]
  3. Bet it’s fun with stock wheels/tires [emoji51]
  4. Well hopefully they get that noise squared away.
  5. You know gm makes a keypad that you can program to the truck [emoji2375]
  6. Yea that’s annoying. Apparently on the 6.0’s it isn’t hard to get another 30-50 hp out of it, that would be cool.
  7. You have a black bear tune? I’m real hesitant on tuning this one. The few times I towed with my 11 5.3 in elevation my truck ran real lean or maybe it was my cats getting too hot. Not sure but I didn’t like it.lol. Wouldn’t be opposed to tuning the trans because it doesn’t seem to know if it’s coming or going [emoji23]
  8. Nice. Would like to see how it handles that big ol trailer now.
  9. True, but to be fair they drove all of the trucks in a similar fashion. I do take TFL with a grain of salt as well. I find hauling in manual mode is much better.
  10. The 6L90 is a great transmission but let’s be honest, if trucks hauling identical weight with close to similar power #’s can be 4 minutes apart, clearly more gears is an advantage. Someone mentioned an 8 speed, that would be great to so long as it’s not based of the 1/2 ton trans.
  11. We haul some good grades varying from 5-7 percent for an hour or 2 on a particular camping route and even in 95-100 degree air temps transmission never gets above 195. That’s hauling roughly 8k pounds of trailer/gear. They were made to work.
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