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  1. I have a 2008 amf 5.3 recently I had a lifter stuck on cylinder 4. i replaced that lifter and the valley pan that has the volm controls on it with success. i then had a lifter slowly start to fail on 7. i replaced it with all other amf lifters completing all amf lifters are now new. at start up I heard a single click. and dash signal reads engine misfire and constantly blinks with the traction control off signal. i found the valve to be stuck closed. However easily unstuck with a light tap. if I rotate the engine with spark wires removed and injectors unplugged, it works normally. I did take the head off again and replaced the intake and exhaust valve which looked ok. i also removed and reseated all valves and replaced all valve seals. same thing . It made the same single click at start up and still misfires on seven. is it an oil delivery problem to the lifter? and also it smokes a lot now
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