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  1. They clean right up easily!! I have to almost pressure wash the fabric ones up front. The neck plastic is an easy wash with a car wash brush if the hose doesn't get it all of. The rough country liners clean up the look a lot. I'll try to get pictures up. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  2. They just mentioned different insulators and insulator location. They didn't mention different makeup like composite ones on the 2019. We'll see though. Leaf springs are not rocket science! I just can't believe they can screw something so simple up!
  3. Mine didn't have the factory liners to begin with in the rear. But I'd say you'd have to remove the factory ones. Yes they are plastic. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  4. I guess I'm old school with my Undercover elite full hard top. It's only 60 lbs and in less than 2 minutes it comes off and out of the way if I need full use of the bed! And it's fully water proof instead of having possible points for water to enter! I can get on top of it and stand on it too. I had a camper shell on my last truck and I was so used to having a lockable and dry truck bed! Wife always complained she couldn't see out of the camper shell easily. So I went with the tonneau cover instead.
  5. I put in the rough country rear wheel well liners and it goes down and covers the frame more than the factory fabric type liners. It's a much cleaner look back there for sure!!!
  6. He did not. And I didn't even sign a service form this time. They just said, we'll get them ordered and call me to get the appointment made. I will ask when I get the new ones on next week or the following week for sure!
  7. Just left my dealer for the second time regarding the leaf spring issue. First time they did the re-torque and grease. Didn't fix it but for 2 weeks and me going down a dirt road! This morning I was talking to the service adviser and he was just saying how they have to follow GM service for this stuff and putting new leaf springs on it would just be the same springs and the same problem. About that time, the tech working on my truck walks up, puts my paperwork in front of him and says "NEW LEAF SPRINGS ON BOTH SIDES!" Service adviser asks the tech if there is a difference in the springs I have and what they will be putting on and the tech says YES! The new springs will have a different insulator and insulator setup on them compared to what's on my truck. I have a 2018 Crew Cab 4x4 if that helps anyone. I was kind of surprised by the tech's answer. He said, he heard it when he first got in the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. I was in and out in 30 minutes with them ordering new springs for both sides! We'll see if the new springs are really different and if it fixes the noise!
  8. I go off road on a dirt road. Soon after, I pop and clunk all over the place. I pressure wash the leaf springs and the noise somewhat goes away! Dealer has confirmed it's the leaf springs, but says that there's no fix and if they replaced the springs, it's going to be with the same parts that are flawed! This is a known issue that my dealer says GM has no fix for. I guess they can grease and tighten their way through the warranty period and then know that the owners are on their own then. They might even replace some springs in warranty. But GM has pretty much decided this is cheaper than a permanent re-design fix for the problematic leaf springs for 2014 - 2018 models. Again, this is something that happens when the leaf springs get dirty typically. This for me is almost weekly! So I deal with it constantly! Cleaning, Greasing and tightening the points fix the noise temporarily till I get them dirty again! I shouldn't have to pressure wash under my truck to keep it from clunking/popping all over the place.
  9. I change my own oil on all my vehicles. GMC or Chevy owner center online has an easy way for you to log your own work/oil changes into their system. I do it so that I and them have a record instead of keeping receipts to show just in case!
  10. Keep us updated. I'm submitting a claim direct to GM on this as well. It makes me mad that they refuse to fix a known issue such as this. And to say that it's normal for a truck to pop, creak, and clunk around is unacceptable! I've owned Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and now GM trucks. All previous trucks with leaf springs have never done such a thing. Leaf springs are not rocket science! They should do a simple fix/redesign solution and replace the leaf springs for those of us having this recurring issue! I didn't buy a new truck (first ever brand new truck for me by the way) for it to make such a racket! I like the truck otherwise!
  11. I would like to know this as well. My springs are horrible on my 2018!!!! One trip to the woods and it sounds like my rear end is about to fall apart with the noise it's making!!!! Dealer just told me that replacing them with new ones would just be the same springs and same problem! This is not a fix or a solution in my book at all. I have never had to "wash" my leaf springs in any other truck to make it sound like a normal vehicle! This is not a thing I can live with. It creaks, clunks, and pops all over the place! And during hunting season, I use this truck as a truck! I will be bugging GM about this!!!!
  12. Congrats on the truck! I got a 2018 GMC 4x4 WT package with Bluetooth, backup camera, manual transfer case, power windows, power locks, power adjustable mirrors, towing package with brake controller, no carpet etc... I was searching high and low for a non-frills truck. I'm the opposite! If you could give me manual windows and door locks I'd probably take it!!!! I got a screaming deal on it since it was a new never titled truck, used as a service loaner with a few thousand miles on it! Paid 28,500 out the door with 4K on the odemeter! Warranty started at 3K for me since it was a service loaner I've updated the tires, installed ODB AFM disable, tonneau cover, nice seat covers, and I'm fixing to get the bed sprayed! I enjoy the truck. If you enjoy it and like the payment, that is all that matters. I drove 4 hrs to get this one when I saw it advertised. I also want to lift and put an exhaust on it! But I'll wait out the 60K warranty till I mess with it outside of factory specs on everything. I just don't want any fuss if I have to take it in for anything. I can wait.
  13. I agree! Leaf springs have been around for a long time and I've owned a lot of trucks and this is the first one to ever have leaf spring noise issues!!!!
  14. Known problem on these years with leaf springs getting dirty and creaking and popping/clunking! They just tighten and grease. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  15. Why leave the air dam??? I took mine off because I went down a simply dirt road that had some very simple wash outs on it and that dang air dam was hitting everywhere!!! I am stock height. I would think once you level or raise the truck up at all, the air dam is doing nothing but getting in the way of any approach angle and making the truck look lower! At stock height I can see it maybe adding 0.01 MPG to the truck.
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