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  1. I'm sorry I can't help. But makes me love my manual transfer case on my 2018 WT GMC. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  2. Yes, the kit part number is: 23176881 This is the ebay listing that I ordered from. Came in original GM packaging. It's a dealer in Panama City, FL. https://www.ebay.com/itm/271607751458 This is the two piece that will replace the plastic guard and then the transfer case shield as well. Make sure the kit comes with the tapered bolts. The holes for the transfer case plate are not threaded already and you need the bolts from GM to work properly.
  3. Took the horrible plastic "shield" off and put actual skid plates under the truck! I had ripped the plastic guard and I take my truck off the pavement quite often. It's crazy that a 4x4 truck does not come with metal skid plates and has a plastic 'shield" under there! Ordered the GM parts off Ebay. Three piece kit that came with the differential plate as well. I feel a lot better now going off pavement.
  4. Still no answer on how many miles are on the vehicle in question here!
  5. I purchased a new 2018 GMC and I wondered the same thing. The fan speed on the lowest setting seems to be more than any other vehicle I have ever owned before! It's a little annoying because I wish there was one step lower on the fan speed!
  6. The Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 10 ply tires I have on mine rubbed and I switched back to the 265/70-17 on my factory suspension. The P rated of the same tire has slightly less tread depth and they may have worked. But I travel off road and in the woods a lot and wanted the extra puncture resistance of the LT tire. Notice my other part of my reply. Not all tires that say the same size are exactly the same size. But as a general rule, you will find most people on here also state that the 285/70-17 size tires will need some form of front level kit to not rub etc... You might find that one that will not though.
  7. That size should fit just fine without rubbing. Might have some rubbing if you travel off-road with some articulation. But not every day driving. 285/70-17 definitely need level kit. Just remember not all tires labeled the size are exactly the same. Small differences exist. Especially between p and e rated tires. The e rated lt truck tires have more rubber diameter than the equivalent p rated even though they are labeled the same size. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  8. A big part is the standard big rim, little rubber look that's in style these days! I have a WT model with 17" rims and lots of rubber! Helps a lot!!! I know it's not the popular look on these trucks these days, but it sure helps with my LT E rated tires. I run them at 35 psi and the ride is smooth! Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  9. I love that I have 17" rims and I have always liked more rubber for both looks and better ride both on and off the road! I can air down and get better grip off road where most folks with 20"+ tires cannot do so. I've not got with the times with the new looks of skinny tires!
  10. Useless in the South? Hmmm, don't go off road much or hunt or go in the backwoods much? I went with a 2WD truck once! Regretted it every time I went in the woods. I'm a hunter and getting stuck was a monthly occurrence during hunting season here in NW Florida. Some really muddy, mucky, sandy roads around here! Trucks in general are a status symbol these days. I see a lot of squeaky clean 4x4 trucks driving all over. Not mine! New and caked with mud constantly!!!! Why? Because I take it off road and have use 4x4 almost every trip into the woods.
  11. You definitely have to know your limitations. But I honestly think everyone should know how to change their vehicle oil from the time they own their first vehicle. Male or female, doesn't matter. My girls know how to change oil with me since they were in diapers. Hahaha!
  12. I have never let anyone else change the oil on any vehicle I have owned! It's a good time to crawl under and just give everything a look over! And too many horror stories of plugs cross threaded, filters not tightened and oil loss causing engine damage! Bought my new GMC Silverado and did my own oil changes from the start. Dealership called to try and get me in to do the two free service appointments you get with it. I told them, they can rotate the tires and do anything else included except the oil change. They looked at me strange when I told them I didn't want their free oil change. They rotated my tires and well they checked the tire pressure and left the dang valve stem caps off last time. So I don't trust them to do anything. Although they did balance my tires on a road balancer pretty good!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I was actually not looking for DOT approved lights for "ON" road use. Looking for "OFF Road" use bright as the sun as possible that fits in the factory fog light locations.
  14. I have a 2018 WT package. It's a Crew cab 4x4. It does not have fog lights and does not have the harnesses or switch to go with them either. Just has the blanks put in the place where fog lights go. I do not want factory fog lights. I would like to install light pods to give me similar lighting as two smaller light bars. Key is I want them to mount into the fog light positions instead of behind the grill or any other funky location. Does anyone know of a source for said lights? I know I would have to run all wiring and switch etc.... I have the horizontal look like these in the picture. Most all aftermarket lights have the more square shape to them. Any help would be appreciated. Again, I want some super bight lights to light up the darkness as much as possible to install in these locations as I am a hunter and drive offroad in the dark often.
  15. That's a lot of lift and tires. It's a look and you're paying for it. Heck, when I just went from the stock hwy tires to a LT 10 Ply AT tire, I dropped 1.5 MPG or so. That was stock size P rated hwy tire to a LT 10 ply tire in the same size. Weight was the difference.
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