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  1. Why did you buy your GM?

    I am not brand loyal. I needed a 4x4 crew cab truck to replace my aging Toyota Tundra with 250K miles on it. Great truck! Just needed/wanted a newer truck when I was fixing to need to put around 4K into it. It was typical aging parts. The engine and Transmission in that 2004 Tundra would run forever! I am about price and the cheapest 4x4 crew cab I could get and as new as I could get. Searched for months. A 2018 service loaner came up and I drove 4 hours to go get it. 4x4 Crew Cab work truck base model with towing package, bluetooth, backup camera, and manual transfer case! All I needed and at the price I wanted! First ever GM vehicle for me. Have owned Ford, Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota before! I look for the best deal with the bare bones essentials that I want and that's what I buy when it comes up. This GMC happened to be it. Hoping it gives me 250K like the Tundra did!
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Yes you do!!! That was a must!! I had a 2WD truck for a while and I needed 4WD more than I could count. Got my 2WD stuck so many times. Better tires/level/lift and bumper winch are in the furture to keep me from ever needing to be pulled out again! And best of all, it's a manual transfer case! I hate push button 4WD.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Brand new to the world of GM and brought home my bone stock 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 base model this past weekend. I've owned Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge etc... It was new, never titled and used as a service loaner. So I'm the first registered owner, but it has a few thousand miles on it. Got a great deal on it! Now the fun begins to make it my own!
  4. Complete new to GM

    Well, I've owned almost all the other truck manufacturers. But yesterday I brought home a new but used 2018 GMC Sierra 4x4. It was new in the fact that it's never been titled. But it was used as a dealer service loaner truck and has a few thousand miles on it. But I was able to get some GMC rebates and cash bonuses because it was "new!" Now to learn about the GM world!

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