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  1. Ok thank you! And when you say harness are you talking about the connector that goes right under the spare tire area?
  2. So I bought parts for upgrade to a 2.0 4 inch screen with my link. However I do not have a back up camera I would like to ad one but I want it to make oem. Does anyone know how this can get done? Can this be done by programming?
  3. Hey I currently have the 4 inch screen, and I believe the 2.0 module it does have my Chevy link. I want to upgrade to the 8 inch screen, and apple carplay, ( I don’t care really much navigation or xm radio ) wouldn’t apple car play have the MAPS option when you plug in your phone? But to the main question can I just get stuff like the 8 inch screen and module etc off eBay or a wrecked truck and send it the WAMS to program? And also If anyone can please list the parts I need for this big project please it will come in handy very much, thanks to you all hope y’all stay safe.
  4. Hey man I know it’s been 4 years since this post lol, but how has the tsp headers held up? Been thinking of purchasing. Also did u go with the 1 7/8 or 1 3/4 size.
  5. Picture isn’t showing, the side closer the rear end, or by the rear doors? Thank you
  6. Want to try this on my off day, how is this holding up so far? My 14 with 72k miles is making an insane clunking noise when slightly accelerating. Before I spend days and money at the dealership want to see if there is another way to fix.
  7. Does anyone have a link or part number to the bolts/bolts. I’m having this real annoying clunk when accelerating and coming to a stop/braking, coming from the right side of the cab. Rather give this a try before I go to the stealership and see what bs they give me.
  8. I’m sorry, usually going up hill or just steady going 30-45 mph , or just turning the wheel when it is on park and also turning fully.
  9. If anyone can help me with this thanks, a couple months ago I had gotten my lifters replace from the dealer ( AFM failure was under warranty ), right after I went up my drive way at the house I notice I weird popping/cracking noise, didn’t think much is at the time (dumb me) just figure maybe it’s the structs, later on I replace the stock ones with the bilstein 5100, talk to the guy at the shop told me everything else look good not sure where the noise can come from, later on take it to a different shop for an alligment, same thing not sure but he told me it could be from the dealership work from the lifters repair. So I talk to the dealer today and they had told me it’s 3 options 1. vacuum pump recall could be the reason 2. The major lifter repair could be a reason too they will check it out 3. Neither I will pay for the diagnosis fee and they will tell me what’s wrong. also I had my rear bumper replace this week THE NOISE IS EVEN WORSE, at full lock it sounds like I’m running over a water bottle! From reading other forums other people are saying it could be from the vacuum pump, steering shaft, steering gears, etc etc... I just know my suspension shop I go to won’t work on it because they don’t mess with the electric suspension system... sucks... but if anyone knows what the noise might be please let me know... ( sorry for the keys in the background the noise can be heard more at the 9 second mark.)https://youtu.be/1NHljtFJzXE
  10. Hearing this makes me want an early christmas gift for my truck lol! My lifters went out earlier due to AFM... dealership fix under warranty, i did lift the front 2 inch and gotten 275/60/20 nittos and man my truck feels like it’s a v6 it’s just slogging! it’s always in v8 mode and i feel like the shifts are hard and the trucks just can’t pull... Im thinking this tune could fix this the problem and let the truck drive how it’s suppose to be. But my question is how’s the tune so far, have you had any problems with updating it? and also i’m not to familiar with tunes, the tune you got was the basic diablo tune which was the diablo tune canned 87? and you then got logs and sent it to Lew to get a custom tune? Also the 87 is the gas you have to run for the tune? Sorry for many questions just wanna learn.
  11. interesting, i email nitto for their recommendation also. Until then do you think 35 PSI is just fine for these P tires or should i bump it to 37? sorry for so many questions and thanks again!
  12. yes 35 cold after driving highway miles went up especially when i was hauling some dirt bikes. i just find it weird how the PSI goes up so high compare to the Michelin’s.
  13. if someone can help me that be great. I just install some P275/60/20 nitto ridge grapplers tires. Before these i had stock size michelin’s and i had the PSI at 35 with those and those would stay at that PSI a majority of the time. However, the nittos discount put 35PSI and since then the PSI jumps crazy they went all the way to 38PSI.My question is for these tires is the 35 to low for these since they keep on going up in PSI?
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