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  1. did anyone disconnect the negative battery terminal? heard this things are sensitive and pulling out the TB with out disconnecting the battery can cuz problems with the idel after cleaning?
  2. what would be best to clean it with toothbrush or a towel? and what about parts around the blade how could i clean around there? Thanks again...
  3. been having drops in rpm when at a stop light, want to try cleaning TB before i start doing more research on what is causing it, but i’m a first timer how hard is to take it off the TB and what not to on the TB while cleaning it? Should i also clean my MAF sensor too while i’m at it and what could i use to clean that?
  4. hey does anyone know if a 2014-2018 LTZ key fob ( the chrome key fob) can be programmed to an 2014 LT truck. My key fob got screwed up it unlocks my truck all the time, i have a really close friend that works at the dealer and he says he can give me a ltz key fob for free since they are extra ones but i’m hoping that the dealer doesn’t come with BS and claims that it can’t be programmed to my 14 LT.
  5. did anyone find a problem yet? just started happening to my truck wrap my key Fob in aluminum paper because truck wouldn’t stop unlocking and didn’t want my battery to die, truck stop unlocking...
  6. Last night driving my truck i notice my check engine light was dim, not on fully but very very dim... Began to look online and find nothing really but a same problem with a vettee owner saying he had took it to a dealer for an ecm test failed it and they took care of it problem fix. However, before i got to dealer ( can’t stand going there) i want to see if anyone had the same thing? Took the truck to an local autozone for engine code test, nothing told them to check battery nothing... during the day light is no where to be found so just has me wondering. In the pictures the cluster lights are at the lowest. i’ve always drove with them at the lowest and never once seen the light so a reflection or some sort isn’t the problem. anyone has any idea what it might be? another thing too sometimes when i put my parking park and i turn off the truck when i come back to turn it the brake light isn’t on maybe it has to deal with the same thing... 2014 silverado 5.3 66k miles
  7. where do you find synthetic blend 0w20 ac delco? i’m looking online for it and i only found it on amazon for 12.95 a quart. might as well go full for that price... in the owners manual they recommend ac delco synthetic so knowing me wanting everything to be perfect i would want to use that type of oil... i mainly drive close by expect school which is other side of town but work and everything else is close by another reason i would want to go synthetic.
  8. x2 on highway it isn’t that bad, i always tell people on city driving just use m5
  9. alright guys, i’m 18 and somewhat getting into cars, never had anyone to teach me about engines, but i’m wondering is an LS engine a 5.3? i’m confused on the difference between a 5.3 and a 5.7, i try to look it up and i see a LS1 is a 5.7, but what is a 5.3 engine a LS? watching this series on youtube were this guy rebuilds this “ LS 5.3” which is pretty neat and makes me wanna get into since i always loved older chevys and loved cars in general, thanks again hoping for advice from older motorheads
  10. full synthetic? why not synthetic? just wondering don’t want to start a whole war on full synthetic vs synthetic lol
  11. just wondering but why mobile 1? why not ac delco since it’s recommended on there owners book? just wondering since many people say mobile 1 and some say ac delco...
  12. From what i been reading from this site, is that the repairs can be costly.... if anything just the tranny and engine warranty shouldn’t be that much, although the stealership may try to give you a high price. but if they are replacing lifters you should be fine for a long time, luck to you my brother!
  13. did you just buy the screen itself and didn’t do nothing to the current hmi module in the truck?
  14. happen to my 14 silverado 5.3 as well but around 65k making an horrible knocking noise when on v4 mode, took to dealer said it was lifter collapsed, took the same amount of days for parts, under warranty and got a free loaner ( 19 high country literally made me want to get that truck lol..) but repair took about 4 days due to the fact they had to repair both sides of lifter they now telling me i should be good for another 100k. i had the same quotation “how is this happening so early in the truck?” they reply “ premature aging, somewhat a common problem on these trucks” like what??? the truck feels so much better now and the shift to v4 doesn’t feel that bad, going to do an oil change too just so i can have a better piece of mind knowing everything is fine there... i wouldn’t be that much worried... i’m guessing just one of the few that got unluckily with the bad lifters but i will be getting extended warranty and honestly if this problem happen right now who knows what can happen later on that’s why better to be safe than sorry!
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