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  1. I have a 2009 Silverado that the steering wheel controls have a mind of their own sometimes. Its definitely humidity/temp related. They never fail when weather is under say 80 degrees. What happens is the volume up button will change the channels down, the volume down button will change the source. The channel up will turn the volume up along with with the channel down. And this can be random at times as well where some buttons just bounce around of what they control. Now if I turn the cruise off a lot of times the controls on the right side will start working again. Sometimes its unaffected though. I have had the cruise just turn off driving down the highway too but not that often. Now I have replaced both side switches the cruise side and radio side. Its got to be a resistance thing somewhere but was hoping someone else ran into this and had a possible fix.
  2. Did you have to end up replacing the cats @swathdiver?
  3. Well the light came back on. Code came back. I live about 15 mins away from work. So it never comes on going to or from work after sitting cold. If I go somewhere, let it sit for maybe an hour and then drive around it will pop the code. Like the cat hasn't cooled off or heck I don't know. Just weird, I can go a whole week of just driving back and forth to work and no codes. This is primarily highway driving though.
  4. @riverbanks I tried the cataclean and some high octane gas. Looks like that may have taken care of the issue as my graphs are alot flatter now for the downstream O2 Sensors. Same engine RPMS as what the earlier scope showed. Not perfect but getting better.
  5. Even though the honeycomb material looks good from the #2 o2 sensor and it shows it increasing in heat from inlet to outlet like it should?
  6. I have a 2009 Silverado with the 5.3 engine 155,000 miles. Replaced the engine with an reman from the parts store a couple months ago. Was flawless until recently I am starting to get a P0430 code. I can clear it and sometimes it stays away for a few days and sometimes its the next day coming back. I have a bluetooth ODB2 scanner so I can also see if there are any preliminary P0430 before the hard set. Usually are when it is acting up. I tried swapping the trailing O2 sensors from side to side to see if the problem followed over to the other bank but no dice it stayed. While I had the O2 sensors out I slid my snake cam in the hole and the honey come material looks perfect. At least from the back side. No melting points or burn holes. I have a screen shot of my diagnostic software and it shows bank 2 sensor 2 ranging from .055v to .860v where as bank 1 sensor 2 holds steady aroun .740v. Just trying to grasp what else besides a bad cat that this could be. Engine was replaced due to AFM carboning up the piston rings and causing high oil consumption. This was turned off when I bought the truck but obviously not soon enough. So I did some more tests tonight. On the bank 2 passenger side, the temp going in the cat at the #1 O2 sensor bung is 290 and after the cat the #2 O2 sensor bung is 460. So it looks like the cat is functioning as it should. I did get a scope on it tonight showing the two secondary O2 sensors and this was done starting out at idle then going to about 1500-2000 rpms. You can see the dip on the green line which is bank 2 when I accelerated off of idle. Then holding it steady it had momentary blips down where as bank 1 stayed steady. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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