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  1. How do you like the part that runs down past the mirror? Do you like the looks of it? I’ve been contemplating on if I like that style or not. Also with the avs I had the same prob with the pinch feature of my 2017 and my 2019. On my 19 I pulled on them from the outside when installed. and the pinch feature rolled it down once maybe twice since June. On my 17 it happened all the time. Unless you hold the switch until it is fully up. I need to order today and quit changing my mind on what to get. Haha.
  2. I am thinking about the egr matte black in channel. im just not sure if I like the design that goes down past the mirrors instead of just staying on the top of the window. have you have the regular vent visors and just curious on what your opinion, pros or cons on the egr's?
  3. I’m also curious if anyone has them vent visors that run down past the mirrors. I have the abs in channel that just runs across the top of the window but one broke from the hail storm we had. Now I’m looking at the egr matte black but don’t know if I like that design. Just want other opinions.
  4. I noticed the aero skin 3m tape doesn't wrap around the whole part. there are gaps. doesn't that cause debris to get in there and no way to clean it besides flushing with water? I feel if I install and end up taking it off in the future there will be rough areas from dirt and grime that got stuck under it? any issues?
  5. I tried duratracs 35.1 x11.2 and I had maybe 1/4” to the liner. Not much room behind it either. If I cut the liner out in the spot I figure maybe 1/2” before I rub metal if I take it off-roading for hunting. Do you have any issues hitting bumps and dips if your in full lock?
  6. just picked this up yesterday. had boards and tonneau cover waiting. De-badged it today. looks much better without that z71 on the side and trail boss sticker on the box. getting ready for ceramic coat and window tint. Also, got to throw on the 1.5 leveling kit and then I will order wheels and tires.
  7. Are you running the factory trailboss black wheels?
  8. so what does everyone run for tires with the leveling kit on a trail boss lt? I ordered the understrut kit and prefer to have a little bigger tire. keeping the 18's but do I go 33" or bigger without rubbing issues? I've always had to trim and I really don't want to this time, maybe just he mud flap if I have to.
  9. I have a trail boss coming and it looks like there is a flap or guard behind the front tires and in front of the rear tires, so I would think I only need a rear set. did your truck have them also? are they junk and should I just order the front set of weather techs?
  10. so I talked to a local truck accessory shop and they said there are multiple 2" leveling kits out. ready lift has one and I can get it installed for around 300. but its a 2". id prefer 1.5 by the way others make it sound. I do haul my ranger 620 boat in the summer and a 7x16 trailer with atv and ice fishing gear in the winter. I don't want my front to be pointed up to drastically. im debating what to do. I have not got my trail boss yet but will in the next few days. it is on a train right now.
  11. So I have a 2019 trail boss lt crewcab coming with stock black 18's on 275/65/18's I believe. I plan on changing out wheels and tires but sticking with 18's. maybe a 33'' tire? anyways, when I click the link for the level kit and put my truck info in it says not compatible. did it say that for yours also?
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