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  1. Nice, Cant wait to see how that looks on the 22s with the lift.
  2. what size did you end up going with ?
  3. They told me that they will not be coming out with an ATAK VERSION for the 5.3. The only video I have right now is a warm idle. It’s plenty loud. If you want some videos message me and I can send them
  4. There is no atak for the 5.3. I was concerned but I ordered the s type anyway for my 5.3. Sounds perfect and I wouldn’t want it any louder
  5. ford,dodge, and chevy/gmc all of them have water issues with the rear window right now
  6. Mine leaks worse than ever before after they sealed it again.. I also find that if I look at my front bumper too hard the paint chips.... Thinnest layer of paint I have ever seen
  7. Yeah they have a certain procedure to follow.
  8. Not trying to be negative but it will end up needing the rear window replaced. The sealant is a band aid that might by you another month until it gets worse. Mine started out small but now my headliner is soaked while I wait for a new rear window to come in.
  9. I will give everyone an update on my personal experience with the rear window leak issue. 1. I noticed the leak last week and brought it in. They sealed the window and returned it the same day. 2. I noticed yesterday that it started to leak again so I called and set up an appointment today. They called me and informed me they ordered a new rear glass window and will have a glass company install it when it comes in. I will have my truck back tonight in the mean time. This situation is only a nightmare if your dealer makes it one. This is only my second visit and a new rear glass window has been ordered already.
  10. Sorry to see that, I wouldnt let that dealership work on my bicycle.
  11. As of right now this is only my second visit so I am not near a lemon law. I still love my truck. If they end up replacing my rear window in a timely manner then I have no complaints.
  12. Wow! I guess I got lucky they had it in stock the first time
  13. Its been about a week since the first repair attempt on my rear window. Went to the automatic car wash and noticed a drip coming from the rear slider channel. I will be dropping it off tomorrow morning for attempt #2...
  14. Those tires dont actually look bad even when its lifted. You could probably fit a bigger tire though now if you wanted too
  15. Nice i was just wondering. Those look like terra grapplers... 305s maybe . Looks nice on the high country wheels
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