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  1. I traded my 2019 rst in for a leftover 2019 ltz they had on the lot. The build date is january 2019 mexico build. 3500miles. fine so far. I dont have much faith though. I am not worried though because my dealership always take care of me.
  2. The seal failed and they ended up replacing the whole window in september. I now have an ltz though.
  3. So I had an rst with a 5.3 and I did a full s type cat back i now have an ltz 6.2 and I did the s type catback on this truck as well. They both sound great. The 5.3 has less drone and sounds a little quieter
  4. No. You can tell it’s there but there isn’t any drone or annoying noise
  5. hows the ride with the e rated tires? was thinking about going 285.50/22 with a level kit
  6. Nice, Cant wait to see how that looks on the 22s with the lift.
  7. They told me that they will not be coming out with an ATAK VERSION for the 5.3. The only video I have right now is a warm idle. It’s plenty loud. If you want some videos message me and I can send them
  8. There is no atak for the 5.3. I was concerned but I ordered the s type anyway for my 5.3. Sounds perfect and I wouldn’t want it any louder
  9. ford,dodge, and chevy/gmc all of them have water issues with the rear window right now
  10. Mine leaks worse than ever before after they sealed it again.. I also find that if I look at my front bumper too hard the paint chips.... Thinnest layer of paint I have ever seen
  11. Yeah they have a certain procedure to follow.
  12. Not trying to be negative but it will end up needing the rear window replaced. The sealant is a band aid that might by you another month until it gets worse. Mine started out small but now my headliner is soaked while I wait for a new rear window to come in.
  13. I will give everyone an update on my personal experience with the rear window leak issue. 1. I noticed the leak last week and brought it in. They sealed the window and returned it the same day. 2. I noticed yesterday that it started to leak again so I called and set up an appointment today. They called me and informed me they ordered a new rear glass window and will have a glass company install it when it comes in. I will have my truck back tonight in the mean time. This situation is only a nightmare if your dealer makes it one. This is only my second visit and a new rear glass window has been ordered already.
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