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  1. Quick stupid question. In regards to the 4 "hot wires" that come off the switch panel, do I wire my light positive directly to them and ground to driver side battery? Or do I still run this to a relay that is typically used when running accessory lighting etc.
  2. In fact, I asked my dealer to swap them for me when I traded in the 19' 1500 for the 20' 2500 and they said they won't fit. LOL. I said ok I'll dot it my self.
  3. Yes, I took my GM running boards off my 2019 1500 High Country and they bolted right up to my 2020 2500HD HC
  4. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CQPANY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HRQWKVJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. I am going to try and make a molle plate for additional tools and a mount for a chainsaw, I'll post some pics when I get it done.
  6. I posted this over in the main forum under the bed organization thread, but figure I should put here for you guys to take a look as well. I wanted to be able to mount a shovel and an axe for when I am at my hunting property and by chance needed one or the other, and came up with a nice and clean way to do it. I purchased a set of Amazon GM tie down anchors that fit into the recessed cutouts in the Silverado bed. Then a set of "quick fist" 2 1/4" rubber clamps, typically used on a roof rack for shovels and axes. I then took the eye hook threaded rod out of the tie down anchors and matched the threads to a 1 3/4" stainless machine screw. The quick fist clamp are drilled in the middle to be mounted, so I just ran the machine screw through the clamp and into the anchor assembly. Mounted the new anchor with clamp into the pockets in the bed. The Silverado has 9 of these pockets to install the takedown anchors, but the best spot for a long tool is over the wheel hump, as it stays tucked in and away from materials and such that I typically put in the bed. I would imagine there are other possiblities using these anchors, like making mounting plates for other equipment, or a molle plate etc.
  7. Mounting possibilities to these tie down inserts are many.
  8. Keep the large tools in a plastic Home Depot bin, smaller tools in a soft bag behind the wheel hump. I also made some nice axe and shovel mounts out of rubber quick release clamps and the after market tie down inserts.
  9. Picked mine up today. 22 days for the window to come in. Hopefully this is it. Part number on paperwork is 84699138 Also shows they reprogramed the ebcm due to the CEL being on after the recall. The reprogram was under pit5728b
  10. Interesting. I had all the recalls done, and when I picked it up lost all the lane keep and collision and pedestrian braking stuff. Those functions started to come back on their own slowly during the last two weeks, with only the lane keep still not working. I use the remote and app start daily from my house and office. Yesterday after app starting the truck I got in and had all the errors pop up and CEL stay on. Drives fine but the CEL is stuck on now. Dealer emailed me back today for an appointment. Hopefully this next trip they can resolve the lane keep, wonder if they will tell me not to use the app or remote start.
  11. Update to my saga. Never had any brake failures, or issues with the ABS since I purchased, only the 14% pad life issue and a leaking rear window was the reason why I took it in mid December. Had all three recalls done. When picking the truck up, I noticed that all the forward camera related safety systems weren't working, ie lane departure, forward collision braking, intelli-beam, pedestrian braking etc. None of the icons or the button would work. Took back to the dealer over the Xmass holiday to look into it, and was told after 2.5 hrs that they weren't able to resolve and need input from GM. Over the last week, some of the systems started to come back on their own, I was getting forward collision warnings, the little car icon popped back up on my HUD and dash, and the lane departure button was illuminated (not able to turn off now) but the lane departure icon stays white (not working). This past week I felt this was kinda promising that some of these features were perhaps resolving themselves. That was until today. Remote started the truck from the app about two hours ago, went to get into the truck and notice that even before I hit the start button that the CEL was on. Hit the start button and bang, four errors cycle through the DIC, reduced braking / speed 62mph, ABS failure etc. All the goodies. Hit the start button to shut down and start back up and bam, no error codes, just the CEL on now. Drove for a bit and everything seems ok, just the CEL on. Have owned GM trucks since the late 90's, never have felt that I couldn't trust the vehicle I am driving like I do now. Have three kids and honestly unless these brake issues aren't resolved, will keep them out of the truck. Forwarded the OnStar email to my service advisor and requested a loaner for Monday. Im basically at my limit for this $65K truck I own. Rear window leaking again after the re-seal, first month of ownership they had to replace my transferase due to a non fixable leak, now these brake issues after the recall???
  12. Went to the dealer today to address the lane keep and forward collision / brake system not working since the brake recall. Sat in waiting from 8am to 1030a and was told that they couldn't resolve the issue after trying to reflash and reprogram, and that GM wasn't open today for additional tech support. Guess Im making another trip next week...... Getting a little tired of this.
  13. that's one of the recalls I had done this week. Picked up today, lane keep and forward collision braking system not working. Scheduled to go back Monday for a camera calibration. hopefully that does it
  14. Had all three recalls and my rear window addressed this week. Picked up the truck today and the lane keep / forward collision system has stopped working. Now another visit needed..... going to see if I can request to have the front camera recalibrated.
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