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  1. 20% front windows close to the stock tint
  2. well I guess we have the market saturated LOL
  3. For sale two chrome 6” factory running boards I took off my high county crew cab at 1200miles. No scratches or dents, I replaced them with the Silverado sport bars. i would take $500 for them, pickup only. I’m in North NJ.
  4. I traded a few months ago from new off the lot in 2017 Midnight LTZ to a Black 19' HC and can tell you this, when I picked up my 2017 Midnight, got lots of looks because at the time that package and the front end design was new. I was told by a lot of people it was a bad ass looking truck, and I agree, it was a good looking truck and front end design. (not so much on the mechanics, lots of issues in that department) However, since I am now in a 2019 black HC (because of the last failures and warranty expiring), I actually now get people stoping me and asking me questions about the new truck, wanting to take a look inside etc. No joke, last week at the hand car wash, the guy behind me in a 2017 Ram Rebel told me he had been thinking about and looking into a 2019 Trail boss or LTZ because he loves the edgy mean look, and after seeing my HC with the trail boss lift, he is sold on going that route. I would say its 2 to 1 in people looking and prompting conversation about the new truck over my last 17' Midnight LTZ Also should note, a lot of people that talk to me about the new 19' truck say that they can't believe how much bigger this one looks from the last generation, like its an entirely different class bigger. I can agree, as now when I roll up to a previous generation, they seem small to me.
  5. I could sell you mine if I don't install it. Let me know
  6. where did you find the take offs? I have the stock chrome 6" steps I would love to get rid of or swap for black tubular or the off road ones for my High Country.
  7. I now have two brand new sets of the old frequency sensors if anyone is looking for them.
  8. I purchased the 1.5 motofab, tempted to just run it. Im sure the ready lift level kits is gonna be $8-900. Thats a lot of loot for a level.
  9. Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/55/20 on a Fuel 20x9 20mm
  10. Curious about the tire size with this additional 2". Im running a 305/55/20 on just the 2" GM lift alone, with no rub at all. In fact there is plenty of room for a bigger tire.
  11. I have 305/55/20 Ridge Grapplers mounted on 20x9 20mm on my HC with the 2" GM lift, and no issues at all.
  12. Fuel Recoil 20x9 +20mm 305/55 R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler 6.2 High Country w/ GM 2" TB Lift no rub at all
  13. My 2017 wheels wouldn't communicate with my 2019. The 2019's changed the frequency to 433. No way around it, have to change the sensors.
  14. 2019 HC with the GM 2” trail boss lift 20x9 Fuel Recoil +20 305/55/20
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