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  1. I actually had it wrapped but looking at it you cant tell.
  2. I went with 35/11.50r20. Looks great. Very minor rub at full lock while in reverse. No trimming.
  3. What would happen if you purchased a new technology package cluster and just replaced the standard cluster without having these guys “reprogram” it?
  4. Curious....what would happen if I bought the updated technology package cluster and just replaced my existing cluster? It’s plug n play, right?
  5. 1.5 inch level. 35/11.50r20 Ridge Grapplers. Wrapped front and rear bumpers. Black bowtie. Stubby antenna. 15% tint all the way around.
  6. Some of you guys are ridiculous. The dude got a new pickup, and that’s awesome. Some folks can’t even afford a $5k used Nissan Altima. If he bought a truck to haul limbs from his yard twice a year, so be it. Some of you paid 60 grand for a 6.2 just to circle the local Sonic or McDonald's parking lot four times a night. Who’s the real idiot here? Whether it’s a 2.7 or a 6.2, be proud and drive the wheels off of it. Welcome to the club.
  7. No spacers. I believe 12.5 would fit. I’m not even rubbing a little at full lock. So there may have to be slight trimming with 12.5.
  8. Motofab 1.5” level. 35/11.50r20 Ridge Grapplers. No offset. No trimming. No rub. Make sure to measure your rake. I had the 1.5” level installed and it’s perfectly level. 2” would have been too much.
  9. I have a 19 ltz Z71 with the 6.2. Im only going with the 1.5 level because I have about 1.25-1.5” of rake. Local shop is adding 2” levels to everything and throwing 35/12.50 on their trucks. They rub just slightly with minimum trimming. Look up DNW on Facebook and they have lots of photos showing their work.
  10. I’ve had husky or weathertech in every vehicle I’ve owned. I currently have the GM mats and they’ve been better than any husky or weathertech. I highly recommend them. They fit great and don’t roll on the edges while offering the same protection. They look great too.
  11. I’d like to trade my chrome for a painted bumper. Figure that’ll be hard to do so I’m having it wrapped next week.
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