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  1. Mine was purely aesthetics...I wanted not only a wider tire but taller as well. Tires are obviously not cheap, and the 285/55 is hardly any difference over stock size. Personally if I was going to drop the money for tires I wanted to notice the difference. Either way a level and beefier tires will look good.
  2. 295/60/20 Ridge Grappler with a 2inch level no rub. I removed the metal bracket from behind the front fender which many have done on here. Removing the metal bracket allows you to pull the fender back about a inch. Super easy and only took me about 30 minutes. Zero cutting
  3. 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers fit perfect with a 2 inch level. The shop had to do zero trimming. The only thing I did to make them fit was remove the steel bracket from behind the front fender liners which many have done on here. I’ll take pictures in a few hours for you guys.
  4. I am putting 295/60/20 ridge grapplers on my Sierra elevation (leveled) tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they fit.
  5. I have your exact truck (2020 Elevation with a 2inch leveling kit). I ordered 295/60/20 ridge grapplers today, which will be going on my stock wheels. The guy at the shop pretty much guaranteed they would fit. I will post pictures when I get them put on.
  6. After seeing this I feel comfortable going with a 285/65/20 BFG K02 (2wd) leveled Sierra. Thanks!
  7. Anyone know if a 285/65/20 will fit on a 2020 Sierra Elevation with a 2 inch leveling kit? I am wanting to keep my stock wheels. I am willing to trim as well to a certain extent. On the previous truck I had 275/65’s and I liked the height, but wanted a little wider of a tire. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  8. Anyone know if this size tire (295/60) would fit the Sierra as well??? I have a 2020 2wd Sierra crew cab with a 2 inch level.
  9. Picking up a 2020 Sierra Elevation Crewcab today here in Texas... MSRP 48,125, I got them down to 36,125 before TTL. They let me walk out and acted as if they could not go that low. The manager called me back in the evening and said they would take it.
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