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  1. Just an update on mine....we are pulling the travel trailer on a trip and it seems like its getting louder when we cold start and I can hear it now on the highway between 1000-2000 rpms. 6,2 10 speed also. It sounds like we have the identical problem. Once its warmed up I can hold the brake while in gear and get it to squeak. On another note we are pulling around 7000 lbs and it has exceeded my expectations...we have pulled some good grades getting into Oregon. My last truck was the LMM d-max so i was concerned about going back to the gas motor but I am impressed with the 10 speed and power. 10.8 avg MPG
  2. I have the exact same noise, belt/pulley noise that is present after I cold start. It's there for 30 seconds and disappears.....it's driving me nuts. i took it to the dealership last week and they could not duplicate the noise, hopefully this will get figured out. My nearest dealer is an hour away so its a pain to get it over there and wait.

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