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  1. Heading to the lake after the storm cleared out. Trailer is about 35', about 5000 lbs with the boat.
  2. The Bilstein 24-309516 is part # for AT4s and Trail Bosses that have the 2" factory lift. Should work with your setup as well.
  3. Just got off the Support Chat. Was given instructions to 'reset' my radio and told if that didn't work to take it to a dealer.
  4. I've had the ringer volume turned down even with the side buttons disabled. I recently switched to an iPhone from Android and the first time it happened, I couldn't figure out how to turn the ringer volume back up because the side buttons were disabled. On Android when you change the volume with the side button, you can expand the volume level icon pop-up and individually change the volume of the ringer, alerts, and media. Had to have my 10 year old teach me the ways of iOS... I will go to GM Support today to report the issue.
  5. The dealer here is a 'volume' dealer that puts them on every vehicle the sell as a non-negotiable item, along with nitrogen in the tires and few other items. General Manager said it's to ensure at least a little profit on every vehicle, but I don't know, seems like the new version of 'undercoating'. At least on these, you can actually see that something was installed. Have you tried asking the dealer for the install instructions, or just talking to one of the techs? If they put them on all the vehicles like the dealer here, I'm sure there a multiple techs there that know exactly where they put them on each model.
  6. There should be a USB port in the same area that you can use for music. I have a 'thumb drive' in mine with 1000's of songs loaded on it. Head unit recognizes it, just have to select it as the input source.
  7. I get the same thing on my '19 AT4 as your first picture about half the time. Put it in reverse, no picture from the driver side mirror cam, followed by 2 seconds of blue screen when shifting back to drive. Started at about 6000 miles. Haven't had it in to get looked at yet.
  8. Looks like they can be removed, but the clip on to holes through the fender.
  9. Sorry for the delay, was goose hunting all weekend. Here are the pics that show the weatherstripping I put in between the 2 tailgate sections. Rained quite a bit on me this weekend during a 4 hour drive and I'm fairly sure the little water I'm still getting is coming from the space between the larger tailgate and side of the bed, not here.
  10. I have the Retrax ProXR and have been working on getting it as waterproof as possible. Most of the water I have is coming in through that gap between the 2 sections of the tailgate. I picked up this weatherstripping from Lowes and put some at the very top on the plastic cap between the 2 tailgates. That stopped a large amount of the water coming back there. I think I still have some coming in between the larger gate and the bed on the sides - still working on that piece. I also have a Rok Block tailgate seal, but haven't installed yet - waiting to get the water coming in from the top addressed before I seal up the main exit path for it. https://www.lowes.com/pd/M-D-13-ft-x-1-in-Expand-N-Seal-Foam-Window-Weatherstrip/1000460601
  11. You have to take off the plastic rings and then there is a 'release' lever.
  12. It is fairly close to the texture on the side mirrors, but far enough away that you don't notice a difference. The Aeroskin II texture looks to be a little bigger than the mirrors, but again, it is not close enough to the mirrors to notice unless you are looking for it.
  13. Actual pics of the Aeroskin2. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Don't have a pic handy and I'm out of town so I can't take one till later, but I used my GM Points to get the Aeroskin 2. Here is the stock photo until I get another one.
  15. My very brief and unscientific testing on the way to work this morning has led me to believe that Sport Mode may also reduce DFM shutting down cylinders. Driving on fairly flat highway at constant speed and switching from Tour to Sport, the instant MPG dropped when going into Sport. Couldn't feel any downshift and I didn't think to look at the RPMs as I was coming up on traffic, so more testing is needed... I have the GM performance exhaust, and it 'seems' like it is louder in Sport, which could be the engine running on more cylinders more of the time, but again, more testing needed.
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