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  1. You have to take off the plastic rings and then there is a 'release' lever.
  2. It is fairly close to the texture on the side mirrors, but far enough away that you don't notice a difference. The Aeroskin II texture looks to be a little bigger than the mirrors, but again, it is not close enough to the mirrors to notice unless you are looking for it.
  3. Actual pics of the Aeroskin2. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Don't have a pic handy and I'm out of town so I can't take one till later, but I used my GM Points to get the Aeroskin 2. Here is the stock photo until I get another one.
  5. My very brief and unscientific testing on the way to work this morning has led me to believe that Sport Mode may also reduce DFM shutting down cylinders. Driving on fairly flat highway at constant speed and switching from Tour to Sport, the instant MPG dropped when going into Sport. Couldn't feel any downshift and I didn't think to look at the RPMs as I was coming up on traffic, so more testing is needed... I have the GM performance exhaust, and it 'seems' like it is louder in Sport, which could be the engine running on more cylinders more of the time, but again, more testing needed.
  6. I have no problem seeing my HUD with polarized glasses. Seems GMC addressed that by making them bigger and brighter. Same sunglasses on my wife's '16 Yukon, it is much harder to see.
  7. While I don't plan to lift my AT4, for GMC's, the AT4 is the only way to get body colored bumpers and door handles. There are several other things that are included with the AT4, and a couple that are not available unless you get the Denali package. - Spray in bed liner included - All weather floor mats included - Hill Descent control included - Skid plates included - Front bucket seats and center console included - Heated second row seats included - Body color bumpers and door handles - not available on any other trim package - HUD not available on SLT - Rear Camera mirror not available on SLT - HD SurroundVision not available on SLT You also get the red tow hooks, which are scientifically proven to be faster than any other color.
  8. Try this - not sure if it will work for idling, but it does work for disabling the auto-stop. If you pop the hood, start the vehicle, and then close the hood, it disables to the auto-stop. Might work to keep it idling while parked as well. I think it is a disable to keep the engine running during service, so it could disable the shut down during extended idling as well.
  9. The AutoStop eliminator video shows them removing and replacing everything in the center stack.
  10. Installed the Motofab 1.5" kit this weekend. In case anyone is wondering, my before/after measurements to the center of the fender well: Before: 38 1/4" After: 39 7/8" So with the 1.5" kit, I got 1 5/8" inch. Install was fairly easy, took about 2 hours taking my time. I tried to skip the step of loosening the bolts on upper side of the strut as others had, but couldn't get the right leverage to align the bolts back through the bottom of the shock and bracket until I did.
  11. I agree, something sounds off. I regularly drive rentals of all brands and have not noticed any difference in my truck vs. any other vehicle.
  12. There is a cabin air filter, located behind the lower glove box. GM # 13508023 ACDelco # CF185
  13. Yes, the AT4 only has 1 interior option (Black with Kalahari accents), but the SLT only has 2, Jet Black or Dark Walnut. So unless you really want Dark Walnut, that shouldn't be a deciding factor. As far as engine size, drive one of each and determine if you think its worth it. I did and went with the 6.2 .
  14. My wife's '16 Yukon has the sunglass holder, and it is useless for anything but the old style flat metal frame glasses. Anything else either won't fit, or you think they fit, only to get them stuck when the holder won't open. I like the idea of it, nice clean, closed storage area, but with the trend toward larger frames and curved frames that fit your face better, I think the size they would have to make it would hang down and be more of a distracting eyesore than anything. I just put mine in the center upper dash area, which is so deep you can't see them when driving anyway and my wife keeps a pair in the upper glove box. As for the garage door opener, it's part of a package on most vehicles. In my Wrangler, it wasn't even an option (I think it might be now with the new body style), but a lot of guys were just taking the insides out of a keychain size remote, hiding the 'guts' in the A Pillar and wiring a small discrete button somewhere in the pillar or headliner to activate it. I guess it's more of what you are used to. Coming from a Wrangler, I'm loving massive center console storage, dual glove boxes, massive area in the center of the dash, etc...
  15. Yes, very easy and quick install. The $20 shallow cargo tray on Amazon also fits on top of it.
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