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  1. I have a popping noise that occasionally comes from the new designed spoiler on the back of the cab where the third brake light is. It is plastic and is not loose so I believe it could be flexing somewhat and causing an occasional pop. Anyone else with this one issue?
  2. Not sure, but mine are actually blowing fairly cool air. Cools my ass off quickly.
  3. Warranty. Make them fix it. They cost too much to just let I go.
  4. On the interstate at 70-75, I can get 21.5 to 24 average in about a 20 mile stretch. Stop and go it will be 18-19. Better than my 2012 by about 2-3 mpg.
  5. I didn’t like the 12 foot touchscreen. ( I know it’s 12 inch) too big for my needs an 8.5 or 9 inch would be better, but I came from a 2012 Sierra that didn’t have one period. Someone I work with has a Ram limited with that iPad thing in it and he has been having a few issues with it.
  6. My regular fm sounds normal. Sirius XM has low volume and IHeart, Pandora and iPhone music is louder and sounds good!!! must be normal for XM to suck.
  7. I believe there is a way you can delete this option from your info center. Obviously it’s bullshit. Mine went 10 percent in 1500 miles and I had a Ford Taurus Police Interceptor that went about 90000 before it needed pads!!
  8. Just noticed in mine the blower speed wasn’t showing the setting on the screen
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