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  1. Yeah my TPW was 9/16, the day they went on strike.... so now I’m a little worried I’ll have angry, upset workers piecing my truck together. It’s been about a month since I checked the status of my truck so maybe my TPW got bumped up a week and my truck was already built
  2. Ahh i see. I ordered 5/7 and have the same TPW of 9/16 for Denali diesel
  3. When is your tpw? Chevy or gmc?
  4. Here is a picture I took few months back. No filter or enhancements done. Like I said before I personally think the Stone Blue was was better but I still have this color ordered
  5. Can you tell me what the window sticker “described” these rims as?? Example 20” polished aluminum wheel” or 20” multi-dimensional aluminum wheel” or “other??”
  6. Although I do have the pacific blue ordered for my 2020 I still liked my 2016 in the Stone Blue Metallic better. The new blue seems a little too dark
  7. I ordered a 2500 Denali with duramax. I’m starting to assume it’s an allocation issue, but out of the research I’ve been doing I haven’t seen a Pacific Blue Denali on any dealer websites or here it seems not one has/ordered that color. Wondering if that might have something to do with it??
  8. This thread concerns me. Ordered my truck 5/7 and last I checked I still don’t have a TPW. Starting to think I went with the wrong dealer.... pretty soon I’ll mise we’ll wait for a 2021
  9. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/07/train-derails-carrying-new-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-vehicles/ Some deliveries will be well delayed......
  10. Wow thanks for the detailed response. According to this I will not be seeing my truck anytime soon....
  11. Does anyone know what the “build codes” actually mean? Like 1100, 3000. If I remember right there’s a 37/800? 4100?
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