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  1. So im not really set on the shorties, it was more so my first though. If I were to look into long tube headers however what do I need to look for in order to keep my truck emissions legal (what ports do I need to make sure are there? Do I need to make sure the cats are Green cats or will better cats still pass? Anything else that I should make sure to keep in mind?)
  2. True, and I agree to a point. That's only part of the reason though technically. My understanding is that short tube headers are better in the low-mid end, for say daily driving/towing (which is my current situation), while long tube is better in the mid-high end. I could be,and probably am, wrong on that, so feel free to correct me. My other issue with long tube headers is that I guess I don't understand what all else will be needed...new cat, how will it fit up to the new exhaust, etc. Also will I still be able to pass emissions in Pennsylvania.
  3. Hey all! Been reading around for the past month or so on here but generally new to the forum. Currently have a 2017 Silverado with the 5.3L V8. In the process of doing the standard trifecta of mods: CAI, tune, cat-back exhaust. I also want to upgrade the exhaust manifold with some short tube headers. Just looking for something with a little bit of gain but generally easier to install, which is why I'm not really looking for long tube headers. Having a hard time finding some good options for shorties that are a direct and easy bolt on, so I was wondering if anybody might have some advise. I'm sure this has probably been covered before so I apologize that I'm still new to navigating the forum. Thanks in advance for any help!
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