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  1. 6 inch BDS. 20x10 Fuel Sledge. 35x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grappler. And thanks
  2. The dealer route is going to be well over $1000. If you are going to spend that much you might as well spend that much on a nice set of Amp Research.
  3. not BDS lifts...0 downside from my 6inch lift IMO. And to the OP...NEVER buy a used lift kit. If you can't afford new, then just settle for a leveling kit or nothing at all. Lifts are a luxury not a necessity. Going cheap isn't worth risking your safety or the integrity of your vehicle. And I would go with the Zone kit for sure, its a sister company of BDS (the best in the industry according to most).
  4. No thanks...I’m not that desperate to change the look of my truck for a $600 grille. I’ll buy from the dealership for that price before I go on eBay. And have to spend the money to get it painted too...no way. So if anyone is interested in trading or has a better personal bargain, please let me know but don’t post replies to eBay links that are ridiculously overpriced. I’ve already seen those on eBay anyways, that’s why I wanted to try this forum.
  5. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT with the basic chrome grille, and I hate chrome. I have looked everywhere and can’t find an OEM black or color matched “Elevation package” grille anywhere. I need either a black or color matched (white frost tricoat) style grille, OEM preferred. If anyone knows where I can find one or would like to trade for my chrome one, hit me up please.
  6. Not a big fan of stuffing the wheel wells. Seems counterintuitive to having a lift kit, especially if you plan on off roading where clearance is important. You don’t want to be scraping the bottom of your truck on tree branches and rocks and the more clearance you have, the deeper water you can tread without worrying about flooding your exhaust. I run a 6inch BDS with Fox 2.0s. 20x10 Fuels. 35x12.50 Nitto Ridge.
  7. I like the BDS 6inch lift. It is a full strut replacement lift system and are better than the cheap rancho struts that come stock. And if your vehicle is approaching an age where it will need new shocks soon, you are causing yourself double the hassle by installing a zone lift kit or any other kit that uses front strut spacers for lift because you will end up spending more money on labor replacing the stock struts down the line sooner rather than later. Plus you can run 35x12.5s with minimum trimming on a 6in lift.
  8. I currently have the chrome rectangular 6 inch steps for my 2017 crew cab Sierra and would prefer the tubular 4inch black step. If anyone is down to trade, PM me.
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